March 22, 2023

EXCELLENCE IN ART: “Our mission is to bring exceptional quality instruction to artists working in the classical disciplines of drawing, painting, and sculpture. Our students maintain the link to an unbroken chain of training that began hundreds of years ago, and has been passed from teacher to student for generations.” Anna Neis, right, founder and director of the Princeton Academy of Art, and Kelsey Doherty, Academy manager of operations, look forward to helping students achieve their artistic potential.

By Jean Stratton

Works of art resonate with people in many ways. There is a unique communication between artist and beholder. The artist has sought to express his or her vision, and the viewer’s response and perception vary according to a whole range of life conditions and circumstances. Thus, it becomes a very personal, often thought-provoking, and even challenging experience.

Before an artist can create such a work of art, serious study, training, and application are required.

“Artists need more than surface knowledge to progress beyond natural ability and a sharp eye,” points out Anna Neis, founder and executive director of the Princeton Academy of Art (PAA). “Creativity and self-expression are vitally important forms of communication for an artist, but before reaching the point where they can define themselves with complexity, they have to know the building blocks. Learning visual art is similar to learning a verbal language or how to play an instrument. Students must practice. That is what we are here for.” more

GREAT GIFTS: “We want to offer clients more opportunities, including quality gifts for  every occasion and at varied price points,” says Anne Russell, Hamilton Home executive vice president for marketing and branding. She is excited about Hamilton Jewelers’ new division, Hamilton Home. Shown is a display of the wide range of items, including home decor and housewarming, entertainment and barware, wedding and baby gifts, and linens, all within a charming setting.

By Jean Stratton

A successful business always finds new ways to remain successful. It offers customers new opportunities, new choices, new items — even a new direction.

Hamilton Jewelers is a case in point. One of Princeton’s most successful businesses, it celebrated its 110th anniversary last year, and is renowned for its selection of high quality and unique jewelry.

Not only that, it is a true family business, with four generations of the Siegel family having been active participants in leading the business to success.

Located at 33 Witherspoon Street, its latest enterprise, Hamilton Home, opened in November of 2022, and offers an extensive array of home decor and gift items. more

March 8, 2023

TOP-NOTCH TENNIS: “There have been various local tennis camps, including Nike, in the past, but to bring the Rafa Nadal Academy Camp from Mallorca is truly something unique and special. We thought there was a need for a specialized tennis camp with proven methodology both on and off the court.” Marta Ramos is president of Athena Programs, which is partnered with the Rafa Nadal Academy in bringing the Academy’s special training program to The Lawrenceville School this summer. She is shown with a number of coaches from the Rafa Nadal Academy.

By Jean Stratton

Young tennis players are excited about a new upcoming opportunity this summer. The Rafa Nadal Academy Camp, in partnership with Athena Programs, will be on-site at The Lawrenceville School July 24 through July 29. The chance to improve their game and maximize their potential is awaiting them.

Headquartered in Mallorca, Spain, the Rafa Nadal Academy Camp now offers six locations at private schools in the U.S., including in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and now New Jersey. more

March 1, 2023

HEALTHY BENEFITS: “The hemp plant has more than 100 different chemical compounds. It can address a variety of health-related conditions. It is a natural, good, healthy way to help an array of problems.” Phil Rutman, owner of Native Ceuticals, is enthusiastic about his CBD (cannabidiol) products made from the hemp plant.

By Jean Stratton

“My goal is to educate people about the benefits of Native Ceuticals,” says Phil Rutman.

Owner of Native Ceuticals, located at 1273 Route 206 (State Road),  Montgomery Township, he looks forward to introducing people to the company’s  products, which he believes will improve health problems.

“I want to help people gain an understanding about the benefits of CBD (cannabiodiol) and these products,” he explains. “They have nothing to do with marijuana, do not cause a high, and are not addictive. There are multiple derivatives from hemp, offering a beneficial herbal alternative for treatment of many health problems. This is a growing industry. CBD has been legal since 2018.”  more

February 22, 2023

SUMMER SESSIONS: “I am looking forward to hearing and seeing the teachers and children learning, discovering, and working together through play both inside and outside on the YWCA grounds.” Tara O’Shea is the director of The Burke Foundation Early Childhood Center at YWCA Princeton, the Youth Program, and also head of the YW Summer Program.

By Jean Stratton

YWCA Princeton has a proud history. For more than a century, it has provided programs and activities for women and families. Established in 1922, it was originally located on Nassau Street, moving to its current site at 59 Paul Robeson Place in 1958.

Since the 1970s, the YWCA Princeton has offered summer programs for children, including both indoor and outdoor activities.

Tara O’Shea has been associated with the YW since 1996, and has served as head of the Summer Program since 2005, as well as overseeing The Burke Foundation Early Childhood Center at the YW, and the Youth Program.

This year the Summer Program will begin June 20, continuing through August 25. Girls and boys from age 2 and a half through 12 are eligible to participate, and the variety of activities will appeal to children of all ages, points out Haley Gorda, YWCA Princeton communications and marketing manager. more

February 15, 2023

PAVING POSSIBILITIES: “Calvary Paving & Sealcoating is an independent family-owned business. We are a full service asphalt paving company, and we treat your driveway as if it were our own,” says owner Jimmie Harrison. Shown is a recently completed driveway in the area.

By Jean Stratton

Even though it is February, the unusually warm temperatures hint of spring. Spring cleaning and home improvement projects come to mind, and it’s not too soon to consider the state of your driveway.

In the same way it affects roads, winter, with fluctuating cold and warm temperatures, can be hard on driveways. Especially if they are older, and haven’t had recent maintenance attention, wear and tear takes its toll. Cracks, crumbling, and rough patches can appear, not only lessening eye appeal, but even causing hardship on tires.

Jimmie Harrison, owner of Calvary Paving & Sealcoating, is ready to help! He has a long history in the paving business, having received hands-on training from his father and grandfather.

“I really started helping out when I was 4 years old,” he says with a smile. “I definitely started young!” more

February 8, 2023

FABULOUS FLORALS: “My arrangements are very personalized, truly one-of-a-kind. Everything is made in-house, and I always try to create something special for the customer.” Michael Piccioni, co-owner of Wildflowers of Princeton Junction, is pleased to create imaginative arrangements, such as those shown here, and he is proud of the firm’s exceptional and long-standing reputation.

By Jean Stratton

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wildflower.”

—William Blake

Flowers are a gift on so many levels. Whether carefully planned as part of a backyard landscape, or blooming free and unrestrained in a meadow, or as artfully designed arrangements and bouquets created by professional florists, they are a continuing miracle of beauty and enjoyment

Especially appreciating this wonder of nature is expert horticulturalist Michael Piccioni. Co-owner with Ed Getty of Wildflowers of Princeton Junction, he has a long history in the floral industry.

Originally from Pottsville, Pa., he grew up in a family steeped in the natural world. “My grandfather, who emigrated from Italy, was a farmer, and I grew up surrounded by gardens, From the age of 10, I also helped out in my aunt’s flower shop, and it was all very natural to me.”

He went on to study horticulture at Penn State, and then worked in a flower shop in Philadelphia before he and Getty opened Wildflowers in 1985. Getty specializes in the administrative end of the business, as well as providing technical and lighting services at events. more

February 1, 2023

POSITIVE PLANNING: “My main purpose is to guide my clients to a positive financial outcome. For each client, I set up a personalized plan, and together, we revise it every year. With my experience, I try to help them achieve their goals.” Annie Hung-Scanga, CPA, MBA, CKA, owner and managing member of Atlantis Accounting, specializes in tax preparation, tax and financial planning, small business consulting, estate planning, and trusts. She looks forward to introducing new clients to her services.

By Jean Stratton

Peace of mind.

Who doesn’t wish for such a welcome state of well-being?

Every era, every age faces its own challenges, but right now, we seem to have our full share. Turmoil throughout the world, including severe political division right here at home; cultural unrest; climate change with its extreme weather patterns; uneasiness about new technology and where it is leading us; cost of living increases; growing disparities between rich and poor — the list goes on.

And the personal financial troubles. Waking up in the middle of the night worrying about feeding the family, paying the rent, having enough resources to send the children to college, trying to save money before retirement — these are concerns that torment many people today. more

January 25, 2023

FAMILY PRIDE:  “I am very proud of our company’s longevity — now 76 years! Continuing our family tradition is especially fulfilling, and I feel I am the custodian for the next generation. And now my son, Paul Jr., is in the business, and we look forward to continuing to enjoy our work and provide an important service for our clients. We are a family business in every way.” Paul Pennacchi (left), president of A. Pennacchi & Sons Masonry Restoration & Waterproofing Company, is shown with his son Paul Jr., who is vice president.

By Jean Stratton

Paul Pennacchi Sr. loves what he does. He enjoys the interaction with his co-workers, clients, his many and varied projects, and he is proud of the longtime family business, which he now heads.

A. Pennacchi & Sons Masonry Restoration & Waterproofing Company is a thriving organization that has benefited from the hard work and dedication of each generation that contributed to its success.

Now headquartered in Hamilton, it was established in 1947 in Trenton by brothers Anthony and John Pennacchi. Its storied history actually began earlier when Gaetano Pennacchi arrived from Italy in 1918, and settled in Trenton.

“He was a mason,” explains Paul Pennacchi,” and he started helping his neighbors with repair work on their houses. It was a side trade for him since he also worked full-time for General Motors, but it grew into a real business.” more

January 11, 2023

BEST PLACE: “We plan an improved inventory, with more choices, good prices with a wider range, higher quality, better products, and excellent customer service. Now Costello’s Ace is the Place!” Peter Schluter, managing partner of Costello’s Ace Hardware in Princeton, and Jean Irizarry, housewares manager, are shown near a display of popular housewares.

By Jean Stratton

What is it about hardware stores that is so intriguing to so many people? All those gadgets and tools! From screwdrivers and shovels to pruners and paint brushes to brooms and bird feeders to hoses and hammers, grills and garden ornaments — it is an endless supply of basics and more.

Nowhere is this more visible than at the new Costello’s Ace Hardware Store in the Princeton Shopping Center. Formerly Smith’s Ace Hardware, the store became home to new owners in October 2022.

Longtime and loyal Smith’s Ace customers will be pleased that another family business is setting up shop after George Smith and his brothers were in charge for 20 years.

“Costello’s and Princeton are a good fit,” points out Peter Schluter, Princeton Costello’s Ace managing partner. “Our CEO is Michael Costello, son of the founder Vinnie Costello. It’s a real family-owned and operated business. Vinnie opened the first store in Long Island in 1976, and now Costello’s has 46 Ace stores from Long Island to Virginia. We really are the ‘Helpful Place.’

“We are also very pleased with our Princeton Shopping Center location, with its convenient setting and free parking.” more

January 4, 2023

TEAM WORK: “We can advise clients about an appropriate look, but it is really up to the customer. We will certainly help them to achieve what they want. Most men who come in actually just want a quick haircut! We will always offer great value, quality, and service,” point out Nassau Barbers owner Travis Monahan and manager Jackie Witty. Shown is the barbershop team, from left: Karina Gonzalez, Jackie Witty, Jay Huang, Travis Monahan, Karlly Nunez, Rebecca Cabete, Brigid Gallagher, Alheli Ramos, and Vick Gramajo.

By Jean Stratton

Despite all the changes in lifestyle, culture, fads, and fashion over the years, the classic barber shop has never gone out of style.

Even throughout the turmoil and tumult of the 1960s, the hippies, with their long, unshorn locks, did not defeat the barber shop!

Whatever trends, tendencies, tectonic shifts, movements, and changes— including astonishingly assorted hairstyles —appeared in the ensuing decades, men and boys still went to their favorite barber shop.

And a favorite of many in Princeton is Nassau Barbers, located at 20 Nassau Street.


December 14, 2022

SONGS OF THE SEASON: Led by Princeton Boychoir Director Fred Meads, Westrick Music Academy’s Princeton Boychoir performed their “Holiday Harmonies” special concert at All Saints’ Chapel in Princeton this past Sunday.

By Jean Stratton

“It’s like the sun and the moon and the stars — it is everything. It opened up worlds for me.”

This is what music has meant to one performer of choral music, whose career started in Princeton.

And the joy of music is not limited to the performer. It is a shared experience with the listeners, creating a moment that can be inspirational.

How special it is when these experiences can be brought to young children.


December 7, 2022

THE TEST OF TIME: “We have been known for our personal attention, always ready to help customers with advice if they want it. They know that they could count on the quality of our products and our service.” Bob Cohen, owner of Freedman’s Jewelers, is shown with his sister and colleague Beverley Levenson in the Pennington store, which will close in February.

By Jean Stratton

An independent business since the early 1900s, Freedman’s Jewelers was originally established in Trenton. It was purchased by Sidney Cohen in 1937, and in 1954, it moved to the Ewing Shopping Center, 962 Parkway Avenue. A year later, Bob Cohen, Sidney’s son, joined the business.

The Cohens opened a second location in 1993 at the Pennington Shopping Center, its current site. This move expanded the clientele, with more customers coming from Hopewell, Pennington, Princeton, Lawrenceville, and Bucks County, Pa.

“Word-of-mouth built our business,” explains current owner Bob Cohen. “We have had many loyal customers over the years, and many are friends.

“When I joined the business, I really learned by doing. This is the best experience.” more

November 30, 2022

CREATIVE CHOICES: “We are set apart by the fact that we are the Princeton University Art Museum Store, and by our focus on regional artists and their handcrafted items. We are also a point of reference for information about the museum.” Allie P. Wolf, left, the store’s manager of wholesale and retail operations, is shown with staff members, from left, Hatice Cam, Michael T. Banks, Regina Massaro, and Stephanie Ronquillo.

By Jean Stratton

Discover art in all its beauty, diversity, and myriad forms at the Princeton University Art Museum Store.

This small shop at 56 Nassau Street is a treasure trove — a cornucopia of gifts. It offers the original creations of regional artists and artisans, as well as art-related gifts of all kinds.

Opened at its current site on Nassau Street and Palmer Square in 2019, it was previously located on campus in the Princeton University Art Museum. Now closed, the museum is being totally rebuilt, with plans to reopen in 2024.

“The focus of the store is on supporting regional artists, featuring their work in glass, ceramic, wood, metal, textiles, and jewelry,” explains Allie P. Wolf, the store’s buyer and manager of wholesale and retail operations. “In addition, we have Princeton University Museum-related items, including museum catalogs and books.”


METROPOLIS MAGIC: “We are always elevating our services for the benefit of our customers. They know they can count on us to offer quality services in a special environment,” says Theresa Carr, owner of Metropolis Salon Spa, who is looking forward to the Metropolis “Sip & Shop” holiday open house on Monday, December 5. Shown is the front area of the salon, and in the background the newly expanded retail section.

By Jean Stratton

Metropolis Spa Salon is a success story!

When so many businesses come and go these days, seemingly in a flash, Metropolis has a special story to tell. Opened in the Princeton Shopping Center in 1993, it has evolved from a small, fledging operation into a flourishing spa and salon, where clients can choose one service or have a total hair and body experience.

Fifty-two employees — including hairstylists, estheticians, massage therapists, and makeup artists — are on hand to ensure each client’s best look and complete satisfaction.

Owner Theresa Carr provides a thorough training program for all the staff as well as a continuing education program with workshops and seminars on the latest techniques and treatments.

“We have continuing training for our staff in all areas,” she points out.


November 16, 2022

COMPASSIONATE CARE: “I want to emphasize the role of volunteers as part of our overall mission. EASEL relies on volunteers for some of our crucial operations. Adoptions, intake, training, off-site events, follow-up calls, and fostering are all primarily run by volunteers. The relationship between our staff and volunteers has been instrumental in the success of EASEL.” Mark Phillips, EASEL Animal Rescue League’s director of animal services, is shown with Pinky, a longtime shelter dog with some medical issues, and, from left, Director of Operations Lori Cima and Assistant Manager Andrea Dunks.

By Jean Stratton

EASEL — Ewing Animal Shelter Extension League — has a mission. It is to help stray, abandoned, transferred, and surrendered dogs and cats to find a happy home, and in the interim, to provide them with a caring, healthy, and safe environment.

Founded in 2008, and established in its current location at 4 Jake Garzio Drive in Ewing in 2013, it is a no-kill shelter. As a nonprofit volunteer animal welfare organization, it is dedicated to ending the euthanasia of unwanted animals in Mercer County through collaborative coalitions and community alliances.

“We are the only shelter in Ewing,” points out Mark Phillips, director of animal services. “We are both a place to take animals and a place to get animals. Currently, we have 40 cats and 13 dogs in the shelter. We also have 20 cats (mostly kittens) in foster care.”

The animals are brought to the shelter by animal control officers. They may have been found abandoned, or people have reported seeing a stray. They can also be transferred from other shelters. At times, owners may be forced to surrender a pet for a variety of reasons, reports Phillips. more

November 9, 2022

FINE WINES: “While our focus is on fine wines from smaller vineyards, we also offer craft beer, mostly from New Jersey, and spirits from small distilleries, along with some well-known brands. We will have a special bourbon tasting event this month. Quality is key here, and with our friendly atmosphere, it is a welcoming place. Our location in the Pennington Shopping Center is excellent, with convenient parking and accessibility.” Delroy Williams, owner of the Princeton Wine Company, looks forward to introducing more customers to his exceptional selection and inviting setting.

By Jean Stratton

The Princeton Wine Company is unique. Not only can customers buy wine, beer, and spirits to take home, they can also enjoy a glass of a special curated wine in the charming and intimate Wine Bar.

Located in the Pennington Shopping Center at 25 Route 31 South, it is the new venture of Delroy Williams. After 11 years as director of food and beverages at The Nassau Club, he opened his new business in July 2022.

“I very much enjoyed my time at The Nassau Club, and I made many good friends there,” he says. “I enjoyed its conviviality and warm atmosphere.”

Wanting to spend more time with his young family, he decided to establish his own business, affording him more flexible hours. When the Pennington location became available, it was an ideal opportunity for him. With his experience and special knowledge of wine, opening the Princeton Wine Company was a dream come true.


November 2, 2022

KITCHEN CABINETS: “We are set apart by the quality of our work and our excellent staff. People feel as if they’ve hired a family. There is a high comfort level, and customers often comment on how personable our staff is, and, of course, on the excellent quality of their work.” Kevin Casey, left, founder and owner of Cabinet Painting Guru, is shown with Adam Elsayed, Jarod Chamberlain, and Max Ronollo, three of his five colleagues, in a recently completed kitchen.

By Jean Stratton

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and no matter how large or small, it is so often the favorite gathering place, not only for family, but also for friends and neighbors.

Having it function efficiently for the cook is the major priority, but eye appeal adds so much to the overall comfort level, especially considering the many hours spent within its confines.

Kevin Casey, founder and owner of Cabinet Painting Guru, headquartered in Pennington, wants to help you make your kitchen even better.

Painting kitchen cabinets is his company’s specialty, and he and his staff can create an entire new look with the application of fine quality paint. more

October 26, 2022

DINING OUT: “People like to come here. We have so many regulars and lots of people come in at least once a week and even more often. Our restaurant is really about friends and family. Folks come in for a great dinner, and often find people they know. They all enjoy talking to each other. It’s a very friendly, relaxed setting.” Faith and Bob DeJean (second and third from left), owners of One 53 Restaurant – Bar, are shown with their longtime staff.

By Jean Stratton

It is still the same excellent restaurant, known for delicious dining and attentive personal service.

Nothing has changed except the new owners.

“When we bought it, the message from the regular customers was: ‘Don’t charge a thing!’ That was the rule for the new acquisition — same great food, same staff, same service,“ says One 53 Restaurant – Bar’s new owner Bob DeJean.

A favorite Rocky Hill dining spot, located at 153 Washington Street since it opened in 2006, the restaurant has an exceptionally loyal clientele.

“The former owners were our friends, and we had been coming here for a long time,” adds DeJean. “It’s been our favorite restaurant for 16 years, and we think it is the best restaurant in the area within 30 or 40 miles.” more

October 19, 2022

HELP AND HOPE: “We are grateful to be able to have a positive impact on a person’s life, help them to develop resilience, and give them strength and confidence. It is so important to give them support and hope. They have more inner strength than they realize.” Josée Graybill LCSW, founder and director of The Nomad Center For Counseling, left, and her colleague Magdalena Zilveti Manasson LAC, ATR-P help clients who are struggling with anxiety and depression, and other difficult conditions.

By Jean Stratton

These are troubling times for many people, especially, according to health care studies and mental health professionals, adolescents and young people.

Stress is on the rise due to a variety of reasons, particularly since the advent of COVID-19. Uncertainty in so many areas of life today adds to the overall unease felt by so many.

More people, including young people and children, are seeing therapists who can help them understand their problem and its causes, and hopefully guide them to a positive outcome.

The Nomad Center For Counseling at 166 Bunn Drive, Suite 108 offers help for children, adolescents, and adults, and also for the expanding French population in Princeton. In fact, 60 percent of the practice is focused on French clients. more

October 12, 2022

EXCELLENCE AND EXPERTISE: “Jewelry is a keepsake. It can be passed down from generation to generation. It may commemorate a special occasion, an important moment and memory. This is why it means so much to people.” Gary Berezowsky, owner of Garbo Jewelers, is shown by a display of high quality pieces, including a two-tone mosaic necklace, Baroque pearls, 18-karat multi-color Tahitian and South Sea pearls, and a 14-karat yellow gold necklace with industrial-inspired interlocking links.

By Jean Stratton

It’s good to know that in our current era when “fast and furious” seems to be the dominating force, there are still places, concepts, and visions that do stand the test of time.

Garbo Jewelers is such a place. Located in the Montgomery Shopping Center on Route 1 North, it has a story to tell, and a continuing focus on high quality jewelry and knowledgeable, friendly service and advice.

Its history dates to 1982, when owner Gary Berezowsky opened his first jewelry store in Avenel. A master goldsmith and appraiser, he decided to move to the Princeton area in 1997, and Garbo Jewelers has been a mainstay for his many loyal customers.

The full service store offers a wide selection of jewelry, including Berezowsky’s own custom designs well as on-premises repair service. more

October 5, 2022

PERFORMING ARTS: “At the Hopewell Theater, we provide a place for emerging and established talent to perform in a world-class theater right in the heart of Hopewell, a place where our patrons and artists feel welcome and well taken care of by our staff who provide real hospitality.” Hopewell Theater Executive Director Sara Scully is shown in front of the theater. Its upcoming season offers a variety of eclectic entertainment. (Photo by Kendra Thatcher)

By Jean Stratton

“Another opening; Another show!”

This refrain highlights the varied entertainment agenda at the Hopewell Theater at 5 South Greenwood Avenue in Hopewell.

The storied theater has a long and intriguing history, dating to 1880. Originally known as Columbia Hall, it served as a community center with a lyceum-style theater, and hosted lectures, performers, and films on its second floor until 1939. The first floor was used for community groups, the fire department, and Borough council meetings.

In the 1940s and ’50s it became known as the Colonial Playhouse, and underwent an extensive renovation. Throughout the 1950s, it was a movie theater.

A complete change in operation occurred in 1960, when the building was purchased by George Gallup, CEO of the locally-based Gallup Poll Group. It was used to conduct public polling until 1984. At that time, it reverted to its original theatrical purpose. Bob and Julie Thick purchased the building, and further modified the interior to support the Off-Broadstreet Theatre, a dessert theater featuring live stage productions and children’s shows. more

September 28, 2022

BEST TRACTORS: This 4610 M 4×4 Hi Crop model, suitable for tillage and planting, is one of many tractors available at Belle Mead Garage. Also known for pre-owned automobiles, rentals, and car service, the company expanded into tractors several years ago. “We are always ready to help customers with advice about the best tractor for their needs and purposes,” point out owners Kip Higgins and Chris Carnevale.

By Jean Stratton 

That familiar adage “When one window closes, another opens” has certainly proved true at Belle Mead Garage. The longtime and highly respected automobile dealership is celebrating its 95th anniversary, and with a new and very successful component to its business — tractors!

Some businesses and organizations — like people — stand the test of time. Some don’t. In recent times, it seems that the business and commercial landscape changes almost in the blink of an eye.

It is all the more remarkable when a business continues to grow and evolve, despite setbacks and new challenges. Such an enterprise is the aforementioned Belle Mead Garage, located at Route 206 and Station Square in Belle Mead. It has been at that location since 1927, when Leroy Higgins opened it as a service station and car dealership, and lived in the attic of the original building.

Three generations of the Higgins family have seen to it that their reputation has remained intact through all the ups and downs of the automobile industry. Paramount is their love of the business, and a willingness to address unforeseen issues that come along. more

September 21, 2022

THEATRE MAGIC: “We are proud of what we do, which is to offer you and your family a high quality convenient alternative to Broadway theater in New York City, and other theaters in New Jersey and Philadelphia,” says M. Kitty Getlik, artistic director of Kelsey Theatre, located at Mercer County Community College. “Our semi-professional theatre center offers musicals, plays, comedies, drama, children’s theater, dance programs, and music concerts year-round. And we try very hard to keep it all affordable for your budget.”

By Jean Stratton

The play’s the thing” at the Kelsey Theatre!

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the 399-seat theatre, located at Mercer County Community College (MCCC), 1200 Old Trenton Road, has a proud history of offering high quality productions.

Much of the theatre’s success is due to the longtime involvement of artistic director M. Kitty Getlik, who joined Kelsey’s operation a few years after its establishment in 1972-73.

Starting as stage manager, she has seen it grow into an important resource for theater-goers. more

September 14, 2022

FAMILY TRADITION:  “We are so happy that we could raise our children here, and that we could have a business in which all our family could be involved. It has been wonderful to do something with our lives to make the community better and that people enjoy and appreciate. It’s very special.” Pam and Gary Mount, owners of Terhune Orchards, are shown with the family’s second and third generations, all doing their part at the farm.

By Jean Stratton

Terhune Orchards is a favorite place not only for Princetonians but for many other loyal customers from farther away. People come from all over to enjoy this special haven at 330 Cold Soil Road. As many as 500,000 a year actually visit, and return again and again.

Emphasizing the unique bounty of each season, this country farm is a local treasure year round. Community and families gather to enjoy great food, fresh fruits and vegetables, friendly farm animals, and wine tastings in the wine barn from the farm’s own vineyard winery.

The evolution of Terhune Orchards into a major example of modern farming began 47 years ago, when Pam and Gary Mount purchased Terhune’s, which had been established in the early 1920s. Just home after three years in the Peace Corps in Micronesia, the Mounts saw a “For Sale” sign at the orchard, and decided to buy it. more