September 7, 2022

HOMEOWNER HELP: “We provide quality home repair, maintenance, and management services for homeowners. We can handle projects of all sizes, and with our maintenance program, we can find things that could become a problem that the owner didn’t know about.” Jim Baxter, left, co-founder and owner of Total Home Manager (with Ray Disch), is shown with office manager Pamela S. Beer and project manager Peter Parker.

By Jean Stratton

Tired of having to worry about the leak in the roof, cleaning the gutters, shoveling snow, waiting for the plumber, or painting the house? Don’t worry. Help is at hand — and peace of mind!

Total Home Manager (THM) can make this happen. And you don’t have to move; you can stay in your house, and you are relieved of stress and strain and all those pesky details that accompany home ownership.

As its name suggests, Total Home Manager is prepared to take complete control of maintenance, repair, and management of whatever problems and needs arise.   

Established by Jim Baxter, owner of Baxter Construction, and entrepreneur Ray Disch in 2009, it is headquartered at 31 West Broad Street in Hopewell. more

August 31, 2022

BEST BOOKS:  “We are an independent, family-owned bookstore, with books, new and used, both of general and of specialized interest, including many books you can’t find elsewhere. As an official bookstore for Princeton University, we also specialize in academic books for students and scholars.” Dorothea von Moltke, an owner of Labyrinth Books, is shown in one of her favorite places.

By Jean Stratton   

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

—Stephen King

It certainly is true that a book can take the reader to a magical place, on an exciting adventure, or into a territory filled with new, perhaps unexpected, ideas and treasures.

As Dorothea von Moltke of Labyrinth Books explains about the store’s name, “We think of it as getting lost in order to find what you didn’t expect.”

Opened in 2007 at 122 Nassau Street, the store is owned by brothers Cliff and Peter Simms and Dorothea von Moltke.

After a number of years in New York City, with a location near Columbia University, Labyrinth had an opportunity to become the official bookstore for Princeton University. Princeton seems to be the perfect match not only for the academic books, but also for an independent bookstore offering a wide variety of books for all readers, notes von Moltke. more

August 24, 2022

MOSASARUS MAXIMUS: This impressive restoration cast suspended from the ceiling is Mosasarus maximus, a 50-foot aquatic reptile that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period, 65-80 million years ago. It is shown in the natural history hall of the New Jersey State Museum, and is part of the “Written in Rocks” exhibit. This reptile was discovered in a quarry in southern New Jersey, and the original skull is in the museum’s collection.

By Jean Stratton

Explore the heavens in the Planetarium, learn about prehistoric creatures, investigate dinosaur fossils and casts of bones, view the fine art of New Jersey artists — and so much more.

This is all possible at the New Jersey State Museum, an institution close at hand in Trenton, which is still an unknown treasure for many state residents.

“This is a very rich resource for people who are interested in knowing more about the place where they are living,” says Susan Greitz, the museum’s marketing and public relations manager.

Greitz is enthusiastic about the variety of opportunities this outstanding museum offers visitors. Founded in 1895 (in one room of the State House), it has a long history of providing entertaining and informative exhibits and artifacts relating to New Jersey history. Located at 205 West State Street, overlooking the Delaware River, it is operated as part of the New Jersey Department of State.


August 17, 2022

HOME AWAY FROM HOME: “We are so pleased to have this wonderful facility for our dogs,” says Carole Lini, owner of All Good Dogs Daycare. “I am now the owner of the Schalks Crossing property, and I look forward to new opportunities and further renovation. I am so lucky to have a wonderful dedicated staff to help me provide the best care for our canine clients.” Staff members at 113 Schalks Crossing Road are shown in front of the handsome brick house, now home to 20 to 35 dogs five days a week.

Carole Lini loves her work. As owner of All Good Dogs Daycare for more than 20 years, she has been providing dogs with a safe, supervised, and socialized home away from home.

But even before, she knew that caring for dogs was her passion. As a young girl, she played with her own pets, and as she grew up, she took on dog-walking projects.

“I always knew that I wanted to work with animals,” she reports. “I started as a veterinarian technician, then worked as a pet sitter, walking dogs and caring for cats. I realized that even with three or four visits a day, the dogs were still not getting enough attention, and were lonely. We needed to find another way.”

That led her to open All Good Dogs Daycare in Kingston in 2000, with a focus on giving dogs a safe, friendly, supervised environment providing exercise and socialization. more

August 10, 2022

WELCOME HOME! “This design has a lot of different plant varieties that will bloom at different times. When designing, we like to use a lot of different textures and color,” explains Chris DeMato, owner of Rock Bottom Landscaping & Fencing. Shown here is a recent Rock Bottom project, creating an eye-appealing design of contrast and color. “We included texture such as dwarf evergreens to contrast with the soft growth of ornamental grasses, which adds subtlety, and we also featured boulders which contributed texture, giving a natural look to the overall design.”

By Jean Stratton

Your home is your haven, and more and more often that extends to the surrounding landscape. Attractive plantings, handsome patios, and winding walkways all add to the pleasure of a welcoming home environment.

Chris DeMato, owner of Rock Bottom Landscaping & Fencing, knows all about transforming tired landscapes into exciting new looks. For more than 30 years, he has been helping people select just the right landscape, hardscape, or fencing to enhance their property and increase their enjoyment.

“It’s a great feeling when you can transform something that was overgrown or in disrepair, and turn it into something special,” says DeMato. “Old properties can often have overgrown plant material and that are not in good condition. We can put in new plants and trees, and it is very rewarding to see this transformation.” more

August 3, 2022

DISTINCTIVE DINING: “Our focus is pasture-to-table, rustic cooking with European influences, and we offer an exceptional location,” explain Maria and Otto Zizak, operation directors at Brick Farm Tavern in Hopewell. They are enjoying the restaurant’s patio, very popular for outdoor dining.

By Jean Stratton

Diners who come to Brick Farm Tavern not only have the chance to enjoy special pasture-to-table cuisine, but also the choice of several different dining settings, both indoors and outdoors.

These separate enclaves offer an inviting ambiance, whether one opts for the Library, the Living Room, the Wine Cellar, or the Tavern indoors, or the charming outdoor patio. The informal Dog Run Bar, with a series of picnic tables and umbrellas, and where well-behaved dogs are welcome, is still another option. A large tented area is also available for private events.

There certainly is something for everyone’s taste at this historic, meticulously restored 1820s farmhouse with its spacious grounds, including nearby working barns and fields. Truly farm-to-table!

Located at 130 Hopewell Rocky Hill Road (Route 518), it was opened in 2015 by Robin and Jon McConaughy, who also own Double Brook Farm and are founders and partners of the Brick Farm Market in Hopewell. The Tavern is now under the guidance of operation directors Otto and Maria Zizak. more

July 20, 2022

HEALTH AND HAPPINESS: “With a commitment to positivity, 4 Elements prides itself on treating the body and mind to strengthen the whole person,” explains Silvia Fedorcikova, founder and owner of 4 Elements Wellness Center. She is shown with her children Rebecca and Martin, who have been willing and able helpers at the family wellness/spa.

By Jean Stratton

“I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I love seeing clients getting better and healthier. I love working with people and helping them. This is my biggest reward.”

Silvia Fedorcikova, founder and owner of 4 Elements Wellness Center, is passionate about her work. “I love holistic and natural therapy,” she explains, “and I have done research about innovative treatments.”

Four elements — earth, air, fire, and water — form the underlying concept of the wellness center/spa, and as she points out, “I wanted to expand our wellness center into the concept of these four elements. Our treatments help boost energy, appearance, and mood. Every treatment we offer represents one of the elements, and they help you feel and look good.” more

July 13, 2022

FRIENDLY FARMING: “We practice rotational grazing, moving the cows to different pastures daily or every few days,” explains Tish Streeten, education, events, and community outreach director at Cherry Grove Farm. Shown is cow herd manager Anna Reinalda with her charges in one of the Cherry Grove pastures.

By Jean Stratton

Respect for the land, the environment, and the animals has always been the priority of Cherry Grove Farm. Located on Lawrenceville Road (Route 206) in Lawrenceville, the farm has a long history, dating to pre-Revolutionary War days.

In 1987, the three Hamill brothers, Oliver, Sam, and Bill inherited 400-plus acres of undeveloped land in the Lawrenceville/Princeton area. Their ancestors had actually farmed the land at one time, but over the years, the dairy operation was leased to various farmers, and the land suffered under more and more intensive conventional farming techniques, explains Oliver Hamill.

“Land preservation and locally-grown food are family passions, and we decided to create something special — something that would give back to the community while keeping the land healthy and undeveloped for generations to come.”

The Hamills, with their children, were determined to regenerate the land by embracing sustainable farming, using vintage pastoral techniques as a guide. The focus would be artisanal farmstead cheese, and everything done on the farm would support the making of a quality handcrafted product. more

FRIENDLY FARMING: “We practice rotational grazing, moving the cows to different pastures daily or every few days,” explains Tish Streeten, education, events, and community outreach director at Cherry Grove Farm. Shown is cow herd manager Anna Reinalda with her charges in one of the Cherry Grove pastures.

By Jean Stratton

Respect for the land, the environment, and the animals has always been the priority of Cherry Grove Farm. Located on Lawrenceville Road (Route 206) in Lawrenceville, the farm has a long history, dating to pre-Revolutionary War days.

In 1987, the three Hamill brothers, Oliver, Sam, and Bill inherited 400-plus acres of undeveloped land in the Lawrenceville/Princeton area. Their ancestors had actually farmed the land at one time, but over the years, the dairy operation was leased to various farmers, and the land suffered under more and more intensive conventional farming techniques, explains Oliver Hamill.

“Land preservation and locally-grown food are family passions, and we decided to create something special — something that would give back to the community while keeping the land healthy and undeveloped for generations to come.”

The Hamills, with their children, were determined to regenerate the land by embracing sustainable farming, using vintage pastoral techniques as a guide. The focus would be artisanal farmstead cheese, and everything done on the farm would support the making of a quality handcrafted product. more

July 6, 2022

PLEASING THE PALATE:  “The families, students, and professionals who make Princeton a great place to live and work will love having New York City’s best Mediterranean food in their backyard. We are excited to meet everyone and become a part of this incredible community,” says Bethany Strong, COO of taïm Mediterranean Kitchen. Shown at the restaurant’s Princeton Shopping Center grand opening are, from left, taïm’s CEO Phil Petrilli, Princeton Mayor Mark Freda, and taïm’s Chief Development Officer Matt Frances.

By Jean Stratton

Made in-house from scratch every day, all fresh ingredients, no microwaves, no freezers, authentic Mediterranean recipes.

If all this sounds good, there is more!

taïm Mediterranean Kitchen, which has just opened in the Princeton Shopping Center, comes with extra-special credentials.

Founded originally in 2005 in Manhattan’s West Village, taïm (a Hebrew word, pronounced tie-eem) is now owned by the parent company Untamed Brands, and operated by CEO Phil Petrilli and COO Bethany Strong. Currently, there are seven taïm Mediterranean Kitchens in New York and one in Washington, D.C. Princeton will be its first New Jersey location. more

June 22, 2022

TEST OF TIME: “We are proud to carry on the tradition of the family business, and to continue to bring the same high quality of service to our customers that we have always been known for.” Bruce Jefferson, owner of N.C. Jefferson Plumbing, Heating, and A/C and his daughter Jill Jefferson-Miller, owner of Jefferson Bath & Kitchen, are shown in the company’s showroom.

By Jean Stratton

You have certainly seen those cheerful yellow trucks around town. A signature sign that the N.C. Jefferson Plumbing, Heating, and A/C experts are on the job.

What you may not know is that the company has actually been on the job for 75 years! Now celebrating that landmark anniversary, the firm remains family-owned and dedicated to prompt, reliable service, quality products, and conscientious customer attention.

Opened in 1947 by Norton C. Jefferson, the company established its first office in the family’s Valley Road home.

“My dad had worked for Princeton University for a while, doing a variety of things, including plumbing and carpentry,” recalls Bruce Jefferson, now owner of the business. “After he left the University, he focused on plumbing, and then established his own business.” more

June 15, 2022

MAKING A STATEMENT: “We have many choices at our shop, a little bit of everything, including clothes, accessories, and gifts. From candles and jewelry to smudging kits, clothing, and handbags, we make gifting easy. You can do more than one thing here — buy something special for yourself or a welcome gift for someone else.” Brooke Ciali, owner of Statements Boutique, is shown enjoying the shop’s opening day, surrounded by an eclectic, engaging array of products.

By Jean Stratton

Charm, vitality, and freshness highlight Statements Boutique, the special women’s shop at 195 Nassau Street.

Filled with options and opportunities, it offers choices to dress for success, dress to impress, and certainly to make a statement — always with comfort the key, and with the customer’s individuality and style the main priority.

“We are set apart by our look,” explains owner Brooke Ciali. “It’s sort of a trending vibe. Something new and different. We have all independent designers from the U.S., and we emphasize eco-friendly items and sustainability. We always take into consideration the customer’s unique style and find what is best for her.

“Our styles are informal to dressy, with dresses, tops, blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, and also jeans and tights. We have shoes, including sneakers and flip-flops, and a full range of accessories: belts, hats, scarves, and lots and lots of jewelry.” more

June 1, 2022

NEW LOCATION: “We want everyone to know we are on Nassau Street now, at the former Landau location. We are encouraged that more and more new customers are finding us, in addition to all our regulars from our days at the Princeton Shopping Center.” Raj Patel, owner of Claridge Wine & Liquor, is happy to greet customers at the store’s new site.

By Jean Stratton   

Claridge Wine & Liquor, the popular place to find wine, beer, and spirits, has a new home at 102 Nassau Street.

For many years a mainstay at the Princeton Shopping Center, the store has a long history. Founded by Claire and Benjamin Levine in 1939, it was originally situated on Leigh Avenue. Since the mid-1950s, however, it was located in the Shopping Center.

Current owners — and brothers — Raj and Hemant Patel decided to move to the former location of Landau’s, the longtime Nassau Street clothing store. That site became available after Landau’s closed, and the Patel brothers  saw a new opportunity.

“We thought a move to downtown Princeton would not only give us a new setting, but also new business,” explains Raj Patel. “We are getting a lot of new walk-in traffic, and we are also happy that we still have many of our loyal Shopping Center customers.” more

May 25, 2022

TEAM WORK: “Our Exercise Coach program can strengthen muscles, increase bone density, and also improve cholesterol and metabolism levels. People can become stronger and healthier.” Kim, left, and Tom Swietek, owners of The Exercise Coach, are enthusiastic about the company’s proprietary “Exerbotic” program and the results it can achieve.

By Jean Stratton

Stronger Muscles. Stronger Health. Stronger Self.”

— The Exercise Coach

20 minutes twice a week? Really?

This is the protocol of The Exercise Coach, a unique fitness program focusing on gaining and maintaining strength.

20 Minutes

And, indeed, what is really unique is that it requires only 20 minutes to complete an exercise session.

“Even those with little time to spare find that our program works for them,” point out Tom and Kim Swietek, owners of The Exercise Coach, located at 46 Vreeland Drive, Suite 6 in Skillman. “The 20-minute concept is really appealing to people who feel they don’t have time to get to the gym or who don’t really like to work out.”

After a previous career as CPAs, the husband and wife team opened the fitness studio in June 2021. They had not been exercise “fanatics,” but as Tom says, “We were health-conscious, active, played sports, and we knew exercise was important. We had talked about making a change and doing something together.”

They decided to take their career in a new direction, and their research indicated that the market for fitness centers was growing.

“We did our due diligence, and investigated different kinds of gyms and fitness centers,” reports Kim. “We were very enthusiastic about The Exercise Coach and its approach.”

Founded by Brian Cygan in 2000 and headquartered near Chicago, The Exercise Coach offers franchise opportunities, with 154 locations currently in operation nationwide. more

May 18, 2022

MERCER MILE MAGIC: Situated within a mile of each other in Doylestown, Pa., the Mercer Museum, left, and Fonthill Castle, right, are the legacy of Henry Chapman Mercer, who designed and filled them with his unmatched collection of pre-Industrial Revolution tools, artifacts, and tiles. Operated by the Bucks County Historical Society, both the Museum and Fonthill, where he lived, offer an exceptional view of early Americana. “You can see history as well as the amazing spark of Mercer’s imagination throughout the Museum and at Fonthill,” says Karina Kowalski, Bucks County Historical Society manager of education.

By Jean Stratton

The unique imagination, intellect, energy, and resourcefulness of Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930) are on display at the Mercer Museum (84 South Pine Street) and Fonthill Castle (525 East Court Street) in Doylestown, Pa.   

If you are a first-time visitor to these amazing places, you are about to experience the magic of the Mercer Mile!

Fonthill Castle was Mercer’s home, and just a mile away, the Museum houses his immense collection (more than 50,000 items) of tools, implements, and artifacts of pre-industrial American life.

Under the auspices of the Bucks County Historical Society (BCHS), the Museum and Castle are open to the public and are a major part of the Society’s mission, explains Marjan Shirzad, the Society’s chief operating officer. more

May 11, 2022

ONE-OF-A-KIND SPECIALTIES: “At Oakgem, we are constantly striving to provide our clients with stunning jewelry at the best prices. We specialize in fine, previously owned jewelry from the 1950s. We offer the best designers from the top quality jewelry houses in the world, and our name Oakgem signifies one-of-a-kind gems.” Sasha Krivitsky, retail manager of Oakgem Fine Estate and Designer Jewelry in Lambertville, is shown by one of the display cases filled with unique pieces.

By Jean Stratton

People have always enjoyed adorning themselves. From ancient times to the modern day, jewelry in some form has been a constant.

The creations have evolved over the centuries, but whether colorful, shiny, delicate, dramatic, beautiful or bling, jewelry is always eye-catching. To the wearer, it can finish the fashion statement, or in some cases, “be” the fashion statement.

It can also have meaning beyond its surface beauty. Passed down as an heirloom in the family from one generation to the next, it offers continuity and connection.

“Jewelry is a memento in time; it signifies a time, a special meaning as an heirloom,” says Sasha Krivitsky, retail manager of Oakgem Fine Estate and Designer Jewelry. more

May 4, 2022

CONFIDENCE AND COORDINATION: “We are a fitness training center, and we emphasize individual attention and guidance. The idea is to build strength, step it up, and keep moving! I enjoy seeing people get stronger and gain confidence and coordination.” Natalie Burke, personal trainer and owner of Rising Phoenix Training and Fitness Center, demonstrates a plank exercise to her enthusiastic class.

By Jean Stratton

Exercise. Energy. Strength. Stamina. Motivation. Mojo … and more.

All of these can be yours during and after workouts at Rising Phoenix Fitness and Training Center.

What sets Rising Phoenix apart from other gyms and fitness centers is its small class instruction with a personal trainer and the strong focus on building strength and stamina.

Opened in 2021, it is located at 947 State Road, where it shares space with Princeton Martial Arts. Classes are held Monday through Friday at 5:30 a.m., 6 a.m., 7:15 a.m., and 8:30 a.m.

An early start, but you, too, can have fun first thing in the morning! Owner and personal trainer Natalie Burke oversees and guides students in an exercise program to ensure their success. more

April 27, 2022

LOOKING YOUR BEST: “It’s important to have the right treatment for the right issue. Each patient is an individual with unique needs and circumstances. My job is to put together a treatment plan that is appropriate for that patient’s individual situation.” Cosmetic facial plastic surgeon Eugenie Brunner, M.D., FACS, practicing in Princeton, also offers non-surgical procedures, including a skin rejuvenation laser center.

By Jean Stratton

Now that many of us are emerging from under masks, certain “imperfections” previously hidden are now seeing the bright light of day.

Is there a slight “softening” of the chin line? Are those telltale lines and wrinkles more prominent than before? Even worse, is the unwelcome, yet ultimately inevitable, gravity-induced sag now part of the equation?

If some of these concerns are yours, not to worry! Help is at hand.

If, indeed, it is time for a bit of “nip and tuck” or even something more substantial, Dr. Eugenie Brunner, M.D., FACS, is ready to help. A specialist in cosmetic facial plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation, she has been practicing for 25 years at the Woodlands Building, 256 Bunn Drive. She offers comprehensive care and treatment for a myriad of conditions. more

April 20, 2022

FAIR SKIES AHEAD: “In 1985, when we moved here, we had no idea we were carrying forward the torch of aviators from 1911 at this site. We think those early aviators would be very pleased with the expansion of the runway, taxiway, lighting system, hangars, and all the navigational aids that have come into being.” Ken Nierenberg, right, manager of Princeton Airport, is also very proud that his son Jack, left, is now the third generation of the Nierenberg family to help guide and maintain the airport’s highest professional standards. They are shown beside a Cessna-172, one of the instruction planes.

By Jean Stratton

“Come fly with me,

“Let’s fly, let’s fly away!”

And as the song continues,

“Once I get you up there, where the air is rarefied,

“We’ll just glide starry-eyed…..”

If that sounds intriguing, you don’t have to fight the traffic to Newark Liberty, Kennedy, or even Trenton-Mercer Airport. Princeton Airport and Flying School is just around the corner at 41 Airpark Road.

And the opportunities are equally intriguing: flying lessons, rentals, hangars in which to park your own plane, and an extraordinary history. more

April 13, 2022

SWEET SUCCESS: “We are  proud of our longevity and of being an independently-owned business. There aren’t as many of these as there used to be, and along with our high quality chocolate and ice-cream, this sets us apart. I am also so fortunate to have such a great staff.” Marco Cucchi (center) owner of Thomas Sweet, is shown with his team  of ‘Chocolate Elves’ in front of the Chocolate Shop, which is overflowing with an array of tempting Easter treats.

By Jean Stratton

Anticipation and discovery come together when customers enter the Thomas Sweet Chocolate Shop. Filled to the brim with happy choices, it is all ready for Easter.

The windows at the shop beckon. The display of chocolate rabbits of every size and style entice the customer to enter, and once inside, the aroma of freshly made chocolate and the selection of the bunnies, lambs, chicks, eggs, and baskets proves irresistible.

“All the Easter treats are favorites, but the chocolate rabbits in all sizes are the most popular,” says owner Marco Cucchi. “We also have peanut butter eggs, which people always like, and of course, jelly beans. And our chocolate-covered peeps are really in demand. In addition, we have Easter baskets pre-prepared and ready to go, and if customers prefer, we can customize the baskets with their individual choices.”

Opened in 1979 by Thomas Grim and Thomas Block, Thomas Sweet began operation on Nassau Street. The store initially offered homemade chocolate, and later added ice cream. The Chocolate Shop is now located at 29 Palmer Square West, and the ice cream store at 183 Nassau Street. more

April 6, 2022

BRANDYWINE LIVING: “I  enjoy helping families find the best place for their loved ones. I introduce them to Brandywine and help to make sure they will be comfortable.” Hilary Murray, Brandywine Living Serenade at Princeton’s director of community relations, is shown with staff members, from left: Welcome Coordinator Casey Bonchi; Murray; Corporate Sales Specialist Christy Esandrio; Executive Director Shanna Garland; and Business Office Manager Christine Dandridge.

By Jean Stratton

Almost anything at any time will be available at Brandywine Living Serenade at Princeton. Do you want the butler to arrange transportation or bring lunch to your apartment? Or do you prefer to eat in the dining room at any time of your choice? A late riser? You can have brunch at noon or lunch at 4, and wine with dinner!

It’s all about choice at Brandywine Living Serenade at Princeton.

This upscale senior living residence, located at 775 Mount Lucas Road, is set to open in late spring or early summer. Brandywine Living acquired Acorn Glen, formerly at this location, and has totally transformed and renovated that facility.

“It has a whole new look,” says Hilary Murray, Brandywine Living Serenade at Princeton director of community relations. “We have a large wooded area, landscaping with colorful gardens and plantings, and pleasant walking trails. The inside has handsome appointments and beautiful decor.” more

March 30, 2022

PERFECT PAELLA: “We offer authentic Spanish street food, and it is very popular. Paella is our core business, but everything is in demand, and we already have regular customers,” reports Mi España owner John Procaccini. Shown is one of the restaurant’s favorite dishes — Paella Mixta with grouper, shrimp, chicken, chorizo, and bomba rice.

By Jean Stratton

Fans of Spanish food are delighted that they can now enjoy it in the Princeton Shopping Center.

Mi España, featuring authentic street food from Spain, opened in February and customers are lining up waiting to sample the variety of Spanish specialties.

“We are set apart because there is really no one else like us here, ” says owner John Procaccini. “Our chef, Jose Diaz, is Spanish, and not only does he create our wonderful dishes, he was the inspiration for Mi España. We specialize in authenticity, and we import the rice for the paella from Spain, also the cheese, and special spices. We will also include locally-sourced products seasonally.”

The cozy cafe-like setting is very appealing, and customers stream in and out all day long. It seats 23 inside and 30 outdoors during warm weather. Takeout is also very popular. more

March 23, 2022


PERFECT PAPER PRODUCTS: “There is really something about coming into a store and actually seeing the items firsthand. Also, the staff can help with questions people may have and offer advice. It’s much more personal, and we enjoy talking with our customers and getting to know them.” Chelsea Muro, manager of the Paper Source, is shown near a display of many of the store’s popular products.

By Jean Stratton

Writing a note or letter, sending an invitation, or an important message via pen and paper is still the choice of many people today. Even in a time with a plethora of electronic communication devices, there is something special about this “vintage” style of connection.

Chelsea Muro can vouch for this — as manager of the Paper Source at 42 Witherspoon Street, she sees daily evidence of the ongoing popularity of paper products.

“Even in the digital age, people still want to write a note on paper. It is really more personal and meaningful that you took the time to do it. We have a full range of styles and companies for note cards and stationery, including Crane and Rifle Paper Co. The latter also offers jewelry, purses, and even wallpaper, all in wonderful designs. We also have our own exclusive Paper Source brand of cards, stationery, and invitations.” more

March 16, 2022

TEMPTING TASTINGS:  “We are always planning to expand with new acquisitions and openings,” says Eben Copple, Genesis Hospitality Group’s director of hospitality. Proof Pizza on Nassau Street is one of Genesis’ popular eateries. Shown in the photo are such favorites as the Porky Pie (top left), Autostrada (top right), and Puglia Pie (bottom left). Both slices and pies are on the menu, and made with the freshest ingredients.

By Jean Stratton

New acquisitions, new ideas, and new concepts are the driving force behind Genesis Hospitality Group.

Headquartered in Hamilton, the company owns more than nine restaurants, bars, bakeries, inns, and boutique hotels in the area. In Princeton, the number includes The Peacock Inn, Chez Alice, Bread Boutique, and Proof Pizza.

Its first acquisition was the Washington Crossing Inn in 2009, followed by The Yardley Inn, Di Bartolo European Bakery in Haddonfield and Collingswood, and recently the Lambertville Station Restaurant and Inn.

A division of Genesis Biotechnology. which is also headquartered in Hamilton, Genesis Hospitality came about because of the intention of Genesis Biotechnology’s CEO Eli Mordechai, Ph.D., to offer diversity and explore new concepts. more

March 2, 2022

FESTIVAL OF FLOWERS: “We have flowers for every occasion, from showers, weddings, and anniversaries to Mother’s Day, birthdays, and graduations, including formal arrangements or informal bouquets. People can also just stop in and get one rose or assorted cut flowers as a hostess gift or special remembrance,” explains Kathleen Angelinovich, manager and floral designer at Vaseful Princeton Flowers & Gifts. She is shown with David, a staff member and team leader at the shop.

By Jean Stratton

In these last lingering days of winter, Vaseful Flowers & Gifts offers a touch of spring.

Filled with a vista of colorful blooms and blossoms of all kinds, it provides customers with a wonderful selection of flowers for all occasions. And a special spring reminder is the shop’s display of pussy willows and the similar purple heirloom branches. Irresistible to many customers!

Opened in June 2019 at 305 Witherspoon Street, Vaseful is unique in a special way. Owned by Community Options Enterprises, it offers training and employment opportunities to young adults with disabilities, and helps them to become an integrated part of the business, interact with customers and co-workers, and build self-confidence.

A sign in the store reminds everyone of this underlying concept, “In this office — We are Helpful. We achieve Goals. We are Courteous. We are Patient. We work Together. We are a TEAM.” more