May 15, 2024

HELPING HANDS: “We make sure that our atmosphere offers everyone a sense of belonging and getting along. We take into consideration everyone’s personality as we help them develop skills to participate in activities and work projects to create useful products,” report founders Violetta and Sergio Neri and founder and executive Svein Hansen of Pennington Adult Living Services (PALS). Shown, in foreground from left, are PALS participants Nicole, Jack, and Keller. Seated at top are David and Robert.

By Jean Stratton

You never can predict how one step, one decision can set in motion a series of events that lead to something unexpected, and yet with ramifications that will benefit people for years to come.

Consider PALS: that is, Pennington Adult Living Services. This organization offers programs, activities, and learning opportunities for adults with special needs. Founded in 2017 by Sergio and Violetta Neri and Svein Hansen, it has filled an important need for adults with a variety of conditions and challenges, including the autism spectrum, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and seizure disorders, among others. more

May 8, 2024

HERE’S TO YOU! “We enjoy offering our guests a welcoming, enjoyable experience at our vineyard, including even more events. We want coming here to be a pleasure for everyone.” Sergio and Violetta Neri, owners and winemakers at Hopewell Valley Vineyards, are proud of their award-winning wines and of their congenial setting for dining, wine tasting, and events and social gatherings of all kinds.

By Jean Stratton

Hopewell Valley Vineyards not only offers first class wines for purchase and tasting, it is also a destination in itself.

Located on 75 acres at 46 Yard Road in Pennington, its rustic setting is a popular spot for weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, corporate meetings, benefits, and other events.

In addition, many visitors enjoy stopping in for light dining and a glass of wine, and live music entertainment on weekends, all the while relishing the engaging atmosphere and attractive setting.

Owners and husband and wife Sergio and Violetta Neri take great pride in the vineyards, which were established in 2001. Both of their families, Sergio’s in Italy and Violetta’s in Greece, had experience in wine-making, but the Hopewell Valley Vineyards were not even on the horizon when Sergio and Violetta each arrived separately in the U.S.


May 1, 2024

FOR YOUR PLEASURE: The pleasure of pasta is definitely on the menu at Pastiamo Pasta Bar & Café. “My idea is to provide an authentic Italian dining experience by serving fresh and dry pasta, antipasti, and dolci in the traditional Italian style, with recipes from the north, center, and south of Italy,” says chef and owner Francesca Casapietra. “Lovers of Italian pasta will find the right place here at Pastiamo, where the unique taste of each dish comes from the use of only high quality ingredients and the passion for authentic fresh cuisine.”

By Jean Stratton

Homemade Italian specialties are the attraction at Pastiamo Pasta Bar & Café in the Princeton Shopping Center. Opened in November 2023, with its grand opening this past February, it already has a group of enthusiastic diners.

“We have repeat customers, and they are coming from all over the area,” says chef and owner Francesca Casapietra, “Once they come in, they come back!”

Born in Genoa, Italy, Casapietra, came to the U.S. 10 years ago, and settled in Princeton with her family. “We liked Princeton’s international flavor,” she says. “I had always enjoyed cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients, and pasta was a specialty. In Italy, everyone enjoys pasta. It can be the first course, with tomato or other sauces, and then followed by meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit.” more

April 24, 2024

FAMILY LAW SPECIALIST: “I like helping people understand the legal and financial context of their changing family, strategizing their move forward, and making concrete suggestions for how to get on with their lives after a divorce. This is a stressful, rough time for them, and I try to help find a resolution that is respectful of their needs.” Jeffrey K. Epstein is a certified matrimonial attorney and specialist in family law at the Szaferman Lakind Law firm.

By Jean Stratton

Szaferman Lakind Law firm has a long history of helping clients in New Jersey, and particularly in Mercer County. Established in Lawrencevile by three former deputy attorneys general, Barry Szaferman, Arnold Lakind. and Jeffrey Blumstein in 1977, it is a multi-faceted law firm with highly sophisticated and accomplished areas of specialty, including family law, personal injury, trusts and estates, general litigation, transactional business and commercial real estate, employment law, land use, and workers compensation.

The firm provides legal representation for businesses, investors, professionals, families, and individuals.

As the firm grew from three attorneys to 30, It moved to its current location at 101 Grovers Mill Road in the Quakerbridge Executive Center in 1986.

The firm epitomizes “True Counsel”, meaning that they provide realistic solutions to complex legal problems, and emphasize rendering quality advice and direction while being practical and cost effective. As its mission statement explains, “The attorneys at Szaferman Lakind strive to provide True Counsel to all our clients through every step of the legal process, both personally and professionally. To us, it is a pledge of high quality, efficiency, ethical standards, and compassion. Our attorneys are advisors, confidants and strategists.” more

April 17, 2024

“CREAM OF THE CROP”: High quality cannabis is available at Pure Blossom, the new cannabis dispensary in Pennington. “We strive to have the best products and keep up very high standards and a comfortable and educational space for everyone,” says COO Jordan Bruseloff. ”We choose our products very carefully, and It is very important to educate our customers about the many benefits of cannabis.”

By Jean Stratton

You can now experience the unique Pure Blossom atmosphere in Pennington. This cannabis dispensary at 2554 Pennington Road offers a wide range of cannabis products and accessories.

“We believe in the transformative power of this beautiful, complex plant to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Consider us your guide through the complexities,” announces the Pure Blossom mission statement.

“We see cannabis as part of a larger ecosystem of enlightened paths to wellness so at Pure Blossom, you will also find things like sustainable beauty products, groundbreaking skincare, innovative adaptogens, and nootropics.”


April 10, 2024

DEFINITIVE DENTISTRY: “When you visit Den Tull, your comfort is our primary concern. We offer everything dental — a routine checkup to ensure complete oral health, fixing or replacing teeth, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency pain relief.” Dr. Janak Tull, DMD, of Den Tull Dentistry is shown at the office in front of a multi-colored acrylic rendering of an elephant, which he painted himself.

By Jean Stratton

There are many interesting people in the world, and Dr. Janak Tull, DMD, is surely one of them. His skill set is wide-ranging and impressive.

An experienced and highly qualified dentist, he is also an accomplished painter, jewelry maker, and clothing designer. In addition, he has developed a modification of reverse hologram printing done with a UV printer on customized material that he engineered specifically for the printing process. more

April 3, 2024

CRAFT COSTUME PARTY: “We have a staff of long-standing. Some have been here as long as 35 years; others 15 and more. We are a real team. Everyone is ready to help out, and we also have fun together,” says Lorrie Janick-Adelberger, co-owner and managing partner of Craft Cleaners. Costumed as The Mad Hatter, she is third from left. Other staffers, celebrating the “Alice in Wonderland” Halloween theme, are, from left, Robert Scott-VanHorn (The Caterpillar), Rebecca Scott (Queen of Hearts), Linda Ragnoli (White Rabbit), and Traci Skodacek (Cheshire Cat).

By Jean Stratton

For more than 60 years, Craft Cleaners has kept Princeton’s clothes in tip-top condition.

Founded by John Janick in Princeton Junction, it moved to its current 225 Nassau Street location in 1964, where it handles all the cleaning services.

A favorite mainstay of Princeton for many years, Craft continues to be a family business, with John’s son Tom Janick and Lorrie Janick-Adelberger as co-owners. The company is known not only for its high quality cleaning, but also for its focus on customer service. more

March 27, 2024

TEAMWORK: “Greenleaf Painters works closely with you to ensure your satisfaction. We use high performance paint that is good for you and for the environment. You can count on excellent results.” Shown, from left, are members of the Greenleaf team: Ryan Munn, operations manager; Sean Carty and Frank Danser, project managers; and Jonathan Shenk, president and owner.

By Jean Stratton

Jonathan Shenk, owner of Greenleaf Painters, LLC, isn’t only “a painter for all seasons,” he is “a man for all seasons.” His unique background sets him apart in many ways.

The son of Mennonite missionaries, Jonathan was born in Somalia, and also lived in Kenya. He later moved with his family to the Lancaster, Pa., area.

As a young man, he taught English literature at a high school in the South Bronx in New York, and later studied at the Union Theological Seminary, also in New York. After ordination as a minister, he was posted to a Presbyterian church in Princeton Junction as an associate pastor.

After six years, he decided to head in a new direction, and established his own painting company. Greenleaf Painters, LLC came into existence, and a new adventure began. more

March 20, 2024

SUCCESS STORY: “We are looking forward to getting back to our original concept and vision of Ottoburger. We will offer accessible value-based real food, with friendly service in an informal, down-to-earth atmosphere.” Maria and Otto Zizak are shown in the new location of Ottoburger, their popular restaurant, which will also have some surprises in its spacious location.

By Jean Stratton

There is a new look at 65 East Broad Street in Hopewell. Ottoburger, the popular restaurant that closed in 2022, is back! It just reopened this month in expanded quarters at the site formerly occupied by the Brick Farm Market.

“There were so many disappointed customers when the original Ottoburger closed, and we kept getting inquiries about it,” says owner Otto Zizak. “People started coming even before we had opened! Now they’re coming all the time. We are so glad to be back!” more

March 13, 2024

SIGNATURE SUSHI: Executive Chef Naoki Toshiro, owner of Naoki Sushi Dining in Lawrenceville, shown in the restaurant, looks forward to sharing his specially prepared omakase sushi with the ever-growing number of appreciative customers. 

By Jean Stratton

Fans of sushi are delighted that a new restaurant, Naoki Sushi Dining, is providing this popular Japanese specialty in Lawrenceville. It is especially known for its signature omakase sushi, which is not readily found in the area,

Whether visitors are educated in omakase sushi dining or beginners ready to explore new tastes, they will experience the highest quality omakase sushi prepared by expert chef/owner Naoki Tashiro. more

February 21, 2024

“NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS”: “With HIP, there is a network to help people navigate the difficulties they have ensuring safe housing. We help them to realize that they don’t have to do it all by themselves. Help is there for them.” Lori Troilo, executive director, and Tom Pinneo, board chair of Housing Initiatives of Princeton (HIP), are engaged in helping to provide transitional housing for individuals in need.

By Jean Stratton

When the news of the day seems relentlessly negative, we tend to forget or may not even know of the many acts of generosity and kindness provided by individuals and organizations throughout the Princeton area.

One such organization is Housing Initiatives of Princeton (HIP), which focuses on helping those in need to find transitional housing and assisting them to build a better future.

A roof over your head! Such a basic need, and yet for so many, it is not something they can count on.

In a place like Princeton this is shocking — not a situation one would expect, and yet it is happening. Some people are homeless or at risk of homelessness, living temporarily in motels, in cars, or unsuitable and unsafe buildings. Fortunately, HIP is one of the organizations at the forefront trying to find solutions. more

January 24, 2024

FAMILY FOCUS: “Over the years, both shop owners and customers have often become great friends. It has been so rewarding on so many levels,” says Sloane Browning left, who manages The Tomato Factory in Hopewell. She is shown with her mother, Mary Ann Browning, who established The Tomato Factory with her husband Maurice Browning in 1964. They are proud to be celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary.

By Jean Stratton

What’s new? What’s old? What’s hot? What’s best?

Whatever it is, you can find it in Hopewell’s Tomato Factory, located at 2 Somerset Street.

Long a favorite of customers from Princeton and beyond, it is a cooperative featuring 18 different shops all conveniently located under one roof. more

January 10, 2024

THE HEALING TOUCH: “Helping Hands” are the focus at Alchemy Mind and Body Spa. “We are experts at what we do. But knowing the best techniques is only part of the process. We are also here to make you feel great. Whether you’re here for a one-hour service or an entire day, your happiness is of utmost importance.” Owner Denyse Thedinga is shown near a Buddha replica in the waiting room, which helps to create a sense of serenity and relaxation. (Photo by Julie Dassaro)

By Jean Stratton

The healthy benefits of massage and facials are well known, and you will definitely be in good hands at Alchemy Mind and Body Spa in Kingston,

Once considered a luxury, massage and facials are now thought of as essential by many. More and more people are discovering not only the benefits for their skin, but also for their state of mind.

As owner Denyse Thedinga points out, “The benefits of massage and facials include relaxation and stress relief. It is important to relax and take a moment for yourself, especially with the stresses in the world today.” more

January 3, 2024

TEA AND MORE: “Opening a new business and learning a new market is always a challenge. You have to resonate with the community, and it’s important to appeal to the community without losing your identity. We have had great support from everyone, and more people are finding us all the time.” Doria Roberts, left, and Chef Calavino Donati, owners of Tipple & Rose Tea Parlor, are enthusiastic not only about the extensive variety of teas they offer, but also the high quality dining opportunities and the array of gifts featured in their retail section. (Photo by Eric Cash)

By Jean Stratton

Pleasures abound at Tipple & Rose, where gracious living is the heart of this charming tea parlor and gift shop.

Customers are considered “guests” and owners Doria Roberts and Chef Calavino Donati are “hosts” at the emporium, which opened at 210 Nassau Street in 2021.

The spacious setting includes three sections, explains Roberts. “We have the Mercantile retail area; the tea parlor, where people can have tea and dine; and the Cottage, another dining area where they can have bottomless pots of tea and spend quiet time studying or working on their computer. Here at Tipple & Rose, you can shop, eat, and drink tea, and work or study in the Cottage.” more

December 20, 2023

GORGEOUS GOWNS: “The entire selection is yours for an exclusive and private bridal shopping experience. Before you say ‘I do,’ say ‘Yes to the dress’ at Princeton Bridal!” Matija Tomasello, owner of Princeton Bridal, is shown by a selection of exclusive and hand-curated wedding gowns.

By Jean Stratton

Whether it is for the traditional June wedding or the popular October wedding day — or any date in between — in addition to their partner, the bride’s No. 1 choice is the dress!

Brides-to-be now have a special opportunity to select the wedding gown of their dreams at Princeton Bridal in the Princeton Shopping Center.

Opened last August, the shop is filled with 50 to 75 stunning wedding gowns of all styles. Owner Matija Tomasello is an experienced bridal consultant, who offers private appointments for the brides. Her goal is to provide a warm and welcoming event leading to the very special upcoming moment in the life of the client.

As she explains, “My business model was to have a very personal relationship with clients, and all by appointment. I only see one bride at a time, and each session is an hour and a half. Sometimes, she will bring her mother, sister, or best friend, and I have room for four people to be here together. We also offer our guests refreshments.” more

December 13, 2023

SETTING THE TABLE: “We are a third generation family-owned small business and the premier importer of Japanese tableware and gifts to the U.S. We bring the best of Japan home, so you can too!” Husband and wife team Bob Matsukawa and Heidi Moon are co-owners of Miya Table & Home on Palmer Square.

By Jean Stratton

When it’s time to set the table, and you want it to have extra special appeal, head over to Miya Table & Home at 27 Palmer Square West.

Opened in its current location in 2021, this charming shop is filled with an engaging selection of tableware predominantly from Japan, as well as an eclectic and wide-ranging mix of other items.

The family business dates back to 1947, when current owner Bob Matsukawa’s great-uncle Chosuke Miyahira (also known as “Mr. Miya”) opened a flower shop in Manhattan. In time, Matsukawa’s father joined the business, and they began importing goods from Japan. As American interest grew, the focus on Japanese and Asian products, in particular tableware, became a priority. Miya was one of the only companies importing housewares from Japan. more

December 6, 2023

’TIS THE SEASON: Montgomery, the 2 1/2-year-old alpaca, and Marie Voorhees, owner of Hidden Spring Lavender & Alpaca Farm, are all decked out for the holidays. Montgomery was the first baby alpaca born at the farm.

By Jean Stratton

Avisit to Hidden Spring Lavender & Alpaca Farm engages on many levels. It’s a chance to spend time in the relaxing atmosphere of a country setting with fields of fragrant lavender. Opportunities for shopping are abundant in the special Gift Shoppe, and then there are the alpacas!

Twenty-three alpacas live at the Hidden Spring Farm and are a captivating attraction for enthusiastic visitors, who may even schedule a 20-minute walk with one of these appealing animals.

Opened in 2014, and located at 890 County Route 601 in Skillman, it was the dream of Marie Voorhees. After a career in the corporate world, she decided to head in a new direction. She and her husband Steven purchased her parents’ 25-acre farm, and it was the perfect spot for a new adventure.

“When we came to live here, I wanted to have something pretty out front,” she explains. “It had to be animal resistant because of the deer and rabbits, and lavender is resistant.” more

November 29, 2023

TEAM WORK: Collaboration is key at HomeCare Veterinary Clinic. Veterinarians, vet technicians, and all the staff work together to ensure the best care for their patients at this private practice. “Many veterinarian practices are corporate-owned today. I wanted to have a private practice, which offers a more personal approach for patients and clients,” explains owner Dr. Patti Maslanka, VMD. She is shown at right in the foreground, with staff members, including Dr. Meredith Schepp, DVM, third from left, and Dr. Amy Schein, DVM, fourth from left. Luna, the 8-year-old pit bull/cattle dog mix, is a welcome visitor.

By Jean Stratton

When you share your home with a companion animal, it can provide great happiness, along with infectious, ongoing fun. There are challenges too. Puppies love to chew just about anything, including your favorite shoes! Cats enjoy appropriating the furniture as their preferred scratching post, in addition to climbing up the curtains for further entertainment. True animal lovers tend to take such exploits in stride.

And there can be illnesses and injuries, requiring capable and compassionate care. Having the services of qualified and experienced veterinarians is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. more

November 22, 2023

CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION: “I am seeing more people who want and need to sharpen their communication skills. Confident communication is not merely about eloquence; it’s the foundation upon which leadership is built,” says Priya Kartik, founder and CEO of Enspire Academy. “The transformative power of effective communication and purpose-driven leadership is not just a belief — it is the cornerstone of our philosophy.”

By Jean Stratton

Expressing oneself clearly, sharing ideas easily, concisely formulating and presenting your thoughts: all of these are important to avoid misinformation and misunderstanding. Valuable both in one’s professional and personal life, they are essential tools to acquire.

Helping people to develop such communication skills is the mission of Enspire Academy. Founded by Priya Kartik 20 years ago, the Academy is located at 4 Market Street in Plainsboro Village Center, Plainsboro.

Inspiring individuals to gain confidence and hone their communication skills has been Kartik’s goal for many years. Growing up in India, she focused on education, initially receiving a degree in mechanical engineering, and in 1997, she began her career in the manufacturing industry.

Her ability to communicate easily inspired her to assist others, she recalls. “I enjoyed helping other people to communicate better. At first, it was a hobby. I could help my colleagues when they had to give a presentation at work, go to an interview, or if they had to speak at a conference.”


November 1, 2023

TEAM WORK: “People know they can count on us. Our reputation for experience, quality work, and service is well known.” Shown are members of the Black Bear Builders team, from left, project manager Rob Burke, owner Matt Bonacci, and designer Shelby Tewell.

By Jean Stratton 

Back Bear Builders is ready to turn your vision into reality! This respected design-build remodeling firm, headquartered in Pennington, has a long history of quality construction projects. Residential remodels and additions are its specialty, with a priority on first-rate service.

“We feel that our people and process differentiate us from our competitors,” says owner Matt Bonacci. “Having talented carpenters who are respectful and communicative is only the first step in running a successful renovation project. By focusing on cleanliness, communication, and setting realistic expectations, we hope to make what is inherently an inconvenient process more palatable.”

Bonacci’s introduction to the design-build business stemmed from his early interest in drawing, he reports. “When I was a boy growing up in Titusville, I liked to sit down and draw windows. That was fun.” more

October 11, 2023

“HAVE YOU ANY WOOL”? The sheep at the Woolverton Inn in Stockton enjoy strolling the grounds of this impressive country bed and breakfast. They are admired by the guests who visit the inn from all over the area and beyond.

By Jean Stratton

Are you looking forward to a change of scene? A chance to relax and leave that to-do list behind? To spend time in a setting free of the all-consuming technology that commands so much of your time today?

If that is on your wish list, the Woolverton Inn is the place for you!

A remarkable bed and breakfast in Stockton, it is situated on 10 acres and surrounded by 300 preserved acres of rolling farmland and forest. Its handsome stone manor house dates to 1792, and features eight splendidly restored guest rooms. Six cottages offer additional gracious accommodations.

Its setting overlooking the Delaware River adds further charm to this special place, with its spacious grounds, serene walking paths, biking trails (bikes are provided), and water features. In addition, its proximity to Lambertville and New Hope, Pa., provides opportunities for dining, shopping, exploring art galleries, and theater. more

October 4, 2023

NO PLACE LIKE HOME: “We love our work. We get great joy from it, and we help people fulfill their dream. When we show our clients how their house can be transformed, it really is a dream come true.” Stan and Susan Gulati, owners of Luxe Home Company and experts in interior design, are shown in their spacious showroom.

By Jean Stratton

We all need personal shelter, of course. Once that has been accomplished, the opportunities and choices to create a home that is a haven are limited only by imagination. Style, size, textures, and colors as well as subtle nuances all combine to bring to life a home environment that reflects the owner’s personal taste and lifestyle.

Stan and Susan Gulati know all about this. Owners of Luxe Home Company in Princeton Forrestal Village, they are experts in helping homeowners achieve their dream house. As designers, they can direct customers to the desired result, and as owners of the handsome spacious showroom at 126 Village Boulevard, they provide 12,000 square feet filled with an array of furniture and accessories.  more

September 27, 2023

POSITIVE CHANGE: “Our dedicated staff specializes in comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological testing and treatment for school age children and adults of all ages. We believe in a personalized approach, which is direct, problem-oriented, and solution-focused, and which can be individualized and/or family oriented.” Shown, from left, are Bridget Mayer, Psy.D.; Kaitlin Riegler, Ph.D.: and Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, Ph.D. of the Princeton Neuropsychology at RSM-Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey.

By Jean Stratton

Winter blues, ADHD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic headaches, autism, learning and memory difficulties, dementia, concussions, difficult behaviors, and personality changes — all of these conditions may be related to neuropsychological problems. And they are all the types of disorders that can be assessed and treated by the Princeton Neuropsychology at RSM-Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey.

Located at 100 Canal Pointe Boulevard, Suite 210 at the MarketFair Mall, the center focuses on evaluation and treatment of a very wide range of cognitive, emotional, and physical disorders that are often inter-connected.

Established in 1999 by Director Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, Ph.D., it offers the hope of positive change for people of all ages who are coping with many mental and physical challenges. more

September 20, 2023

FINANCIAL FOCUS: “We work with clients to help them make sound financial decisions. We are advocates for them, and we have long-term relationships. Underlying everything is our desire to help people meet their financial goals.” Shown, from left, are financial advisors Michael G. Petrone, CFP, JD; Thomas M. Petrone, CLU; and Andrew Petrone of Petrone Associates Financial Advisors, the longtime family business founded by President Thomas M. Petrone.

By Jean Stratton

For 53 years, Petrone Associates Financial Advisors has been helping clients navigate their finances and guiding them to a successful outcome and future.

Such important work has become even more necessary today as people are dealing with challenges on many levels. Recovering from the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, coping with inflation, uncertainty over taxes, worries over technology, and climate change are all foremost.

On a more personal level, it can include anxiety over the next paycheck, protecting income, funding college costs, long-term health care planning, or anticipating retirement needs.

Whatever one’s financial status, these are all concerns that require careful attention. more

September 13, 2023

PLANT-BASED: “The vegan diet is plant-based with no meat, fish, poultry, or dairy products. Interest is growing, and I thought there was a need for it in Princeton. There is really nothing like our restaurant, a full-scale vegan restaurant, in the area.” Chef Omer Basetemur, owner of Planted Plate, is shown in front of the restaurant’s colorful full-size mural, featuring a rain forest/jungle background and the Princeton tiger looking on.

By Jean Stratton

If dining out is on your menu, and you are ready to experience a variety of new tastes, the Planted Plate restaurant can become your new “go to” eatery.

Located at 15 Spring Street, this vegan restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and takeout with wide-ranging culinary choices. it was opened in 2021 by owner/chef Omer Basetemur, and it has consistently increased its customer base as more and more people are enjoying its intriguing variety of plant-based options.

Basetemur is especially happy to have opened Planted Plate in his hometown. “I grew up in Princeton, and I really liked the idea of having a restaurant here. Princeton is a good match for a vegan restaurant,” he says.

Bastemur’s culinary history has an interesting origin and evolution. After graduating from Princeton High School, he headed to the Jersey Shore, where he worked in a vegetarian restaurant. Not a practicing vegetarian at the time, he began to appreciate its benefits. “I saw its healthy aspects, and it became part of my diet,” he explains. more