TT History Page 1

Town Topics Newspaper has served as Princeton’s premiere weekly community newspaper since 1946. It is the only community newspaper to be delivered to virtually every home in Princeton, New Jersey.

Town Topics is known for its extensive coverage of local events, politics, sports, arts, education, and breaking news.

The original newspaper was founded by Princeton University graduates Donald Stuart and his brother-in-law Dan Coyle together with Donald’s wife Emily and Dan’s wife Mary. The business continued as a family newspaper when Donald’s son Jeb Stuart became Editor/Publisher in 1981.

In 2001, with the help of a small group of Town Topics Newspaper investors, as well as the architect J. Robert Hillier, Lynn Adams Smith took over the running of the newspaper as the new Editor-in-Chief.

Originally housed at 4 Mercer Street, the Town Topics Newspaper moved to 305 Witherspoon Street (re-modeled by Mr. Hillier) in 2007. The company gradually outgrew the space and in 2015, re-located to historic Kingston, New Jersey, one mile north of Princeton. The newspaper’s new headquarters is at 4428C Route 27.

Witherspoon Media Group

Town Topics Newspaper purchased Princeton Magazine in 2008, which is delivered to over 35,000 homeowners in the greater Princeton area. Witherspoon Media Group was then born. Princeton Magazine established their online retail site, A Store by Princeton Magazine, in 2014.

Lynn continues to lead all the publications and the retail site as Editor-in-Chief and is committed to expanding the digital reach of Witherspoon Media Group.