April 17, 2024

Those Who Were Part of NSC Shared Something Meaningful That Will Endure

To the Editor:

I grew up in Princeton in the late 1970s and 80s, but it may be more accurate to say that I grew up at Nassau Swim Club. My family joined Nassau when I was 10, and it was an enormous part of every summer of my life (first on the swim team, and later coaching and lifeguarding) for the 10 years that followed. The culture of the place, as well as its location, were a little off the beaten path — a reflection of Bruce Nystrom, the manager and face of the pool for so many years.

It was a welcoming place where I learned the importance of sportsmanship and hard work. I also learned the value of levity amid both. I looked up to my coaches, and later became one. I eyed the record board with awe, before claiming one, then watching it fall to someone I had coached. The circle of life.

I was teammates with some really strong swimmers, and some less so, became friends with folks from neighboring towns, with many kids older and younger than me, and got to know parents and families. It shaped me, and many others.

I’m disappointed that this chapter is closing, and I also know nothing lasts forever. But those who were a part of it for any of the past 50 summers shared something meaningful and special that will endure, even as its gates close.

Matt Sanderson
Lemming, formerly of Alexander Street