April 17, 2024

Sharing Memories of Summers at Nassau Swim Club, a Special Place

To the Editor:

it is difficult to put in words the emotions I feel as Nassau Swim Club (NSC) is shut down by Princeton University. From age 7 to 17 (1975-85) the NSC community was my summer family. It sounds like the community support has not allowed this hallowed institution to continue. Shame on Princeton University for not supporting this place that was a summer home of so many of their staff and families over past 60+ years. There are some things that are more important than money and this is one of them.

I remember waiting anxiously for summer to start every year to see and catch up with everyone. One of my best summer friends was Marc Nystrom, who was the son of longtime coach Bruce Nystrom. They lived in Richmond, Va., and came up every summer and lived in Institute for Advanced Study housing. My older sister and I would literally ride our bikes 10 miles every day early in the morning to start the day with running laps, swim practice, then diving practice for me, maybe a hotdog and chips from Wawa, and back to the pool for games.

I also learned the true meaning of team. Winning a swim meet is truly a team effort. Throughout the summer we would lose various superstars for a week or two here or there for camp or family vacation, but we still managed to field a powerhouse team year in and year out. I lifeguarded for many years at Community Park Pool, a much bigger competitor, and there was nothing there anywhere close to the family and community vibe we had at NSC. Long live the memories of Nassau! What a special place.

John Cummings
Marion Road