April 10, 2024

University Should Make a Compromise, Give Nassau Swim Club Another Chance

To the Editor:

I am writing to you to express my concern that Princeton University terminated the lease on Nassau Swim Club (NSC) after 50+ years. At the Princeton University annual meeting with the town Council, President Eisgruber made it abundantly clear that mental health is a topic that needs to be addressed by stating the need to “combat loneliness” and to “make deeper connections.”

I’d respectfully ask President Eisgruber and his team if they have ever been to Nassau Swim Club? It is bathed in trees, hummingbirds, and children laughing and learning to swim.

NSC is a place where IAS faculty and families from all neighborhoods enjoy the golden hours of summer, where gatherings and picnics are the thread of Nassau.

As a resident of this town, I am disheartened to say the least. It is unimaginable that the University wants this slice of heaven to be torn down and be filled in with dirt. The young adults and children of our community deserve a place to just be kids in the hot summers. To learn to swim and make friends! To experience the enthusiasm of the Nassau Swim Team, Aquatics Program, and a swim club that isn’t overcrowded with beating sun and concrete.

Nassau Swim Club Board presented the University with a viable professional business plan and has made a commitment that the taxes will be paid, then why not make a compromise and give Nassau another chance?

Julie Hagan
Battle Road