April 10, 2024

Nassau is Valuable Club That All Families Should Have Opportunity to Experience

To the Editor:

I am shocked and surprised that Princeton University doesn›t see the value of Nassau Swim Club. The club was my home away from home every summer growing up. My siblings and I lived there and swam all day. We learned valuable lifelong skills and I still use them today. Nassau taught me how to swim (a lifesaving skill); how to socialize with peers, coaches, and parents (a skill that is slowly being lost today); responsibility; organization; and it brought joy.

I went on to coach swimming during various parts of my adult life and even received a fellowship due to my skills. Living and growing up at Nassau is one of my favorite memories, and these days the skills learned there cannot be found anywhere else. Nassau is a valuable commodity that all families should have the opportunity to experience. Where are the University families that built and supported this club? 

Barb Van Horn Yocum
(Once a Lemming, always a Lemming)
Fairway Drive