February 7, 2024

ArtSpace and SewingSpace Programs at HomeFront

To truly break the cycle of poverty, especially for those in the throes of homelessness, an abundance of training and emotional support is required. In conjunction with emergency food and shelter, HomeFront’s 25-plus wraparound services, including ArtSpace and SewingSpace, serve this purpose. These visual therapies can be as vital to one’s recovery as verbal therapy. In fact, HomeFront notes that many clients find it easier to express their feelings by creating with their hands — rather than trying to craft just the right words.

In its studios, HomeFront’s trained staff and a team of dedicated volunteers offer therapeutic programs that allow clients a moment’s respite from their overwhelming challenges. While navigating the creative process the mind becomes present and concentrates on the task at hand — allowing thoughts to quiet. This is the moment when tangible tools for self-expression, critical thinking, and problem-solving develop; offering each person a chance to rebuild their souls and transform their lives.

Also, during HomeFront’s meal deliveries, the newest member of the HomeFront family — “Artie,” their mobile arts studio — is reaching under-resourced communities, including area motels housing homeless families, with arts and crafts to
occupy inquisitive and creative young minds.

HomeFront’s commitment to empowering each artist’s and crafter’s self-esteem is demonstrated by providing many opportunities to showcase their skills in the community and sell their inspired works to the public, including a new online e-Shop.

Homefront encourages ArtSpace and SewingSpace clients to participate in programs such as Peer-to-Peer, where former clients mentor and are compensated for instructing current clients, and Entrepreneurship, where they can learn how to create marketable handmade items.

Learn more about HomeFront at homefrontnj.org and its creative programs and e-Shop at homefront-artspace.com.