January 10, 2024

Former Council Members Share Steps, Dates for Those Seeking Local Office

To the Editor:

Thinking about the November elections? Now is the time to get involved!

As former members of Princeton Council and as past presidents of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, we feel strongly that competitive elections result in more transparency, accountability, and diversity among the elected officials and more engagement on the part of residents. This year could prove to be a critical year for our democracy, so we are reintroducing a time-honored tradition of the local Democratic party in support of those ideals. There will be two Council seats and the mayor’s position on the ballot in the June primary and the November general election. We created a webpage, princetondemocrats.com, that outlines the important steps and dates for seeking office. We would be happy to have confidential conversations with anyone who is interested in running for office to provide guidance and support or to answer any questions you may have.

Congressman Andy Kim was in town recently to speak to Princeton Democrats, and he spoke movingly about his realization that if he was upset about the direction of his community, he needed to run for office to be the change he wanted to see. Whether it is for this year or another, it is the right time to get involved.

Whatever your level of interest, we are eager to hear from you. By email, jo.butler@verizon.net or jenny@crumiller.com.

Jo Butler
Hibben Road

Jenny Crumilller
Library Place