July 5, 2023

Fun and Festive twine. Shop in Hopewell Opens Second Store in Quaker Bridge Mall

CREATIVE CHOICES: “There is no other store in the mall like us. Our vibe is different from anything here, and we really fill a need. Customers will find a great eclectic selection — cards, candles, coloring books, candy, kids’ items, and much more. Our motto is ‘Everything you want … and didn’t know you need!’” Bailey Cookman, owner of twine., is shown in the store’s new location in the Quaker Bridge Mall. She is holding Scrabble coasters, made locally by Yardsale Press.

Colorful and cool, eclectic, entertaining and energetic! This is the new twine. shop, now open in the Quaker Bridge Mall.

Following in the footsteps of the flagship twine. in Hopewell, this new shop offers the signature aesthetic of the original, but with an added sensibility of color, activism, and popular culture.

Owner Bailey Cookman, daughter of twine. founder Melissa Cookman, joined the original store in 2017, and became owner in 2021. When the opportunity to open a second location in the Quaker Bridge Mall came along, she looked upon it as both a new adventure and a natural progression.

“It was a very smooth transition, and it’s a really good location with lots of foot traffic and many people coming in,” she reports. “We are on the first floor right by the Apple Store and J.C. Penney. It’s a very different setting from Hopewell, but we have many of the same items as well as new surprises. Many of our longtime Hopewell customers are coming to see us here too.”

Browsing and Buying

Enthusiasm pervades the new store. Cookman, customers, and staff alike are all excited about twine. Its wide-ranging selection and friendly atmosphere invite both browsing and buying.

“It really is a fun place and also a very welcoming place,” says Cookman. “We want everyone to be comfortable here, and we are very LGBTQ inclusive. We are all about people here and creating a safe space for everyone.”

The senses are fully engaged at twine. It is visually intriguing, with a wonderfully eclectic display. Customers will find an amazing array of choices, both for adults and children.

Oh — and the name. At first glance, there is no sign of any actual twine in the store, but purchases are indeed tied with twine. Thus the signature sobriquet is nicely in place.

The name was the choice of founder Melissa Cookman, who pointed out, “I wanted to name the store something that wouldn’t identify what it is. I wanted people to be surprised. I wanted something really different and unusual for the name. I simply like the word twine.”

So do the many customers, and they like everything in the shop.

Unique Experience

Offering a unique shopping experience is also a priority at twine., points out new owner Bailey Cookman. “The whole concept is that you can shop anywhere, but if people really want a unique experience, you can have that with us here at twine.”

No question, customers can certainly have special shopping moments at twine.

Enjoy “lifestyle” ideas that one can use or just have fun with. An abbreviated list includes, glassware, vintage-style pens and pencils, dog and cat motif trinket trays, a “Sock Tree” featuring colorful and intriguing socks, some with snarky sentiments, a sticker wall, “Sleuth & Solve” mystery books, cookbooks, theme tote bags, distinctive greeting cards, and much, much more.

“Little twine.” offers a section filled with items for babies and toddlers. Onesies, little dresses and outfits, bibs, toys, and adorable stuffed animals, including the popular Jellycats, are all available.

While their parents browse the overflowing selection, children can enjoy the special Kids’ Corner featuring a table for drawing and coloring. Some of the “artists” have left their renderings to be enjoyed by Cookman and the staff.

“We also have a fun scavenger hunt for kids to find things in the store,” adds Cookman.

“Surprize” Balls

Other items sure to appeal to the younger set are puzzles, “Memory and Matching” games, bean bags, fun “Surprize” balls, which hide little charms and toys within to be found when the colorful outer wrapping is unwound. Also, sparkling birthday candles and novelty stickers and jars filled with gummy bears area all favorites.

Adults will find hostess gifts to gardening tips. Seed Pops, looking just like lollipops, can be planted, and will soon provide an array of flowering plants.

Authentic baseball memorabilia offers items made from actual bats and gloves from popular baseball teams, repurposed as bottle openers, cufflinks, wallets, etc.

Stemless wine glasses are displayed near spirit infusion kits, with flavors such as orange hibiscus and passion peach. Just add the favored alcohol to make six to eight libations.

Fun paper products, wrapping paper and gift bags, candles with unusual scents and in very varied containers, dog- and cat-related items of all kinds (pencils, trays, mugs, tote bags, puzzles, etc.), tea towels, handcrafted soap, the very popular adult coloring books — the list goes on.

To be enjoyed fully, twine. must be experienced in person. There is simply a never-ending cornucopia of items displayed colorfully and conveniently for the customers’ benefit.

Important Causes

Cookman also makes an effort to support vendors, organizations, and causes which help the environment, those with special needs, Doctors Without Walls, hunger relief, and others.

“We try to include products from vendors who are fair trade, who give back to their communities, and support important causes,” she explains.

Prices at the shop cover a very wide range, everywhere from $3.50, $7, $12, $25, and up —  something for everyone’s budget.

Something for everyone is the idea, emphasizes Cookman. “The theme is that you will find things at all prices that you don’t see everywhere else. I think we are set apart by the items we carry, the feel of the store, and the atmosphere we offer.

“I love spending time with all the customers, and we also have a great staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We really go the extra mile for people. We truly want to give them a special shopping experience in a fun, attractive setting. And once they visit us, they are sure to come back. We look forward to seeing you here!”

twine. is open Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call (609) 378-0375, and visit the website at twinehopewell.com.