May 10, 2023

Viera’s “Three Graces” Art to Benefit Evolve Pink

“DANCE OF THE THREE GRACES: MARCH”: A number of original artworks created by Charles David Viera will be featured in a one-night exhibition and reception on May 20 to benefit the nonprofit Evolve Pink.

Evolve Pink has teamed with artist Charles David Viera to offer a number of original artworks created by Viera exclusively for Evolve Pink with proceeds going to that nonprofit. This one-night exhibition and reception will be free and open to the public and take will take place on Saturday, May 20 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Evolve Pink was initially founded by Jennifer Montes M.D. as a support system for women who have survived or are battling cancer and has evolved as a support resource for all women. The Evolve Pink space at 124 Main Street in Flemington, which will host the event, offers support groups, book clubs, and variety of programs and events where women can connect with other women in a positive and supportive environment.

“Too often, my patients are left wondering, ‘What about tomorrow?’ at the completion of their treatment,” said Montes. “Evolve Pink is changing that. We could not be more excited to collaborate with Charles and showcase his art.”

Viera adds, “This exhibition will showcase a series of original pastel drawings and paintings I created based on the mythological characters ‘The Three Graces.’ I thought that the Three Graces were the perfect subject for Evolve Pink as the Three Graces in Greek and Roman mythology served as the handmaidens to Venus and represented every positive trait historically associated with women such as elegance, beauty, charm, and fertility. Teaming with Evolve Pink has enabled me to use my art as a way to affect people’s lives in an affirmative way, and the Evolve Pink mission has always been the same.”

The artwork can be viewed at and at, and the works will be available for purchase on the night of the event and later for a limited time at