May 3, 2023

Showing Support for Hard-Working Princeton Board of Education Members

To the Editor:

Thousands of Princeton residents voted for the members of the Princeton Board of Education, described on the Board website as “an elected, unpaid group of 10 citizens who act as a single body to set policy and make decisions on educational, financial, and personnel matters for the Princeton Public Schools on behalf of all residents.” 

I am one of the thousands who voted for our Board of Education members. I don’t know all the members of the Board of Education personally, but those I do know are intelligent, thoughtful, dedicated members of our community. They are knowledgeable about education and the needs of our students. As a parent and an educator, I am grateful for the willingness of our Board members to do the difficult work that is required of them. They deserve our respect and appreciation for serving our community in what seems to be an increasingly divisive atmosphere. 

I am writing to thank and support these 10 members for their hard-working, time-consuming efforts on behalf of our community over the years, and especially over the past few months.  We are fortunate that our democratic system makes it possible for us to elect such intelligent, caring citizens.

Francesca Benson
Bainbridge Street