April 26, 2023

Cabaret-Style Performance At Princeton University

The cast of What We’ve Lost and What We’ve Learned perform during a dress rehearsal at the Wallace Theater on April 28, 2022. Photo by Larry Levanti

COME TO THE CABARET: Princeton University senior Cassandra James is among those performing in her “Mostly Sort of Happily Ever After” at Princeton University’s Lewis Arts complex April 30. (Photo by Larry Levanti)

Mostly Sort of Happily Ever After, a cabaret performance featuring and directed by Princeton University senior Cassandra James along with other student performers, will be presented April 30 at 2 and 8 p.m. in the Wallace Theater in the Lewis Arts complex on the campus. Admission is free.

The show explores the highs and lows of growing into adulthood with songs from some of Broadway’s hit musicals. Among the topics are leaving family and finding family, chasing dreams and switching paths, meeting and losing friends, and falling in and out of love.

“Sometimes, we just wish we could disappear to Neverland or Narnia and stay there forever,” said James. She and her fellow cast members will perform a set of about 20 songs. James, from Kissimmee, Fla.; is majoring in English and pursuing certificates in the Program in Theater and Music Theater and the Program in Creative Writing. The program represents her independent work in music theater.

For more information, visit arts.princeton.edu.