April 19, 2023

Thanking Those Who Look for Opportunities to Source Locally

To the Editor:

I’m writing to express my gratitude to the Princeton Public Schools, which twice in recent months found occasions to buy some of the books they needed through Labyrinth. We know they have other options. In choosing to source these books locally, they help sustain us. They also set an example for the ways institutions can act thoughtfully to keep the local economy viable. 

Of every dollar spent locally, 70 cents stay in the local economy in the form of wages, taxes, and more. Many at Princeton University similarly look for opportunities to source locally, and Labyrinth since its inception has had a close partner in the University. It’s great to drink Small World coffee and have Bent Spoon ice cream on campus. Now what if the town offices and University departments bought (at least some of) the paper they use from Hinkson’s? What if all baby gifts needed by area corporations or on campus came from JaZams? What other ideas can we come up with together to help sustain the shrinking retail landscape in Princeton and preserve the unique character of our town?

Dorothea Von Moltke
Co-owner, Labyrinth Books
Nassau Street