April 19, 2023

Redefine and Reconfigure Your Closets With the Expert Help of Closets Redesigned

CREATIVE CLOSETS: “We build closets that will make the best use of your space, and we work with closets of all sizes in all rooms in the house.” Rachel Webster, co-owner of Closets Redesigned, headquartered in West Trenton, is shown by a recently designed primary bedroom walk-in closet. A redesign of an existing closet in an older house, it features custom drawers. shelving, and hanging components. (Photo by Karin Belgrave).

By Jean Stratton

Where is that sweater? I need that green handbag — and where are those shoes?

If this sounds like a familiar stressful moment, you are not alone. Spending unavailable time searching for needed items is something that happens to many of us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to clear the chaos and have everything organized in full view so that you can see it when you need it!

Fortunately, Rachel Webster, partner and co-owner of Closets Redesigned, is here to help you declutter your life with customized solutions. In partnership with Brett Margulis, owner of Innovative Commercial Interiors (ICI), she opened Closets Redesigned in 2021.

A Princeton native, Webster has a long history in design. Her interest in creating personal and inviting spaces began at an early age, she says. “As a young girl, I started to arrange things in my room. I wanted to do my room my way!”

Visual Expertise

Webster brought her developing skill to the window and store displays of Princeton businesses, and then earned a certificate in interior design from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Her visual expertise also flourished in the fashion industry in Manhattan for eight years before she transitioned into professional interior design. She later managed high end interior design projects fin New York for 18 years, and then became a top designer for a national closet company for five years.

Opening Closets Redesigned was a special opportunity for Webster to offer clients her skill and experience for their individual needs.

“I love this aspect of home design,” she explains. “I incorporate a very practical, functional aspect along with the creative side. One common problem for many people is not having the proper organization of all their items.

“I love figuring out all the pieces of the puzzle and organizing everything for them.”

Whether it’s reconfiguring an existing closet or working with something brand new, Webster can create a space that is functional and efficient as well as attractive and in keeping with the style of the house.

The initial consultation at the prospective client’s home is complimentary, she says, and that will be a learning experience, both for herself and the client. She will observe the space and listen carefully to what clients have to say about what they hope to achieve.

Crowded Spaces

“Listening and observing is very important,” Webster points out. “It is so important to learn about what they want. Clients have very different personalities, and some have crowded spaces, while others can be neat. I have seen all kinds of situations.

“Some people want to save and store everything; others are ready to pare down, and maybe are in the process of downsizing.”

For those clients who are reluctant to throw anything away, she offers a gentle reminder. “When the closet is emptied to have the work done, I do have to tell them that not everything goes back in!”

Also during this initial meeting, budgets will be discussed, she adds. “When I meet new clients, I can give them a sense of the ballpark price, but the ultimate cost depends on the materials and components they decide to use. It’s quite flexible, and we work together to come up with just the right design and budget for each client.

“We listen to your needs and design a space specifically for you. We handle all the details, from materials to professional installation. We use the highest quality and most sustainable materials available. We also offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturer or labor defect.”

Once agreement is reached, she starts the design process. “I will design something suitable, taking into consideration what I have learned about the clients, their space, and their wishes. I’ll present them with a 3-D design, sample materials, and layout recommendations. We incorporate the clients’ goals, taking into account their particular space, budget, and style to come up with the perfect solution for them. The final design will include their choice of finishes, accents, accessories, and lighting.”

Eight Weeks

Once underway, shelving, drawers, cabinets, and hanging components will be ordered. It can take eight weeks for delivery, and then installation can be started.

“We have a full-time, very experienced installer and team to handle the job efficiently,” notes Webster.

Bedroom closet projects are very much in demand, she reports, and all sizes, from reach-in to walk-in, are part of her work. Everything is completely customized. Larger closets may have islands. Some may have full-length mirrors, and dressing areas. Sliding belt racks and valet racks are other options. A recent closet design even included placement of a folding ironing board in a drawer.

Many closets include double hanging features, she adds. “This is very popular, and a real space saver.”

In addition to bedroom and linen closets, Webster is very involved with garage, pantry, laundry, and mud room projects. Indeed, from the bedroom to the garage and everything in between, Webster and her team design custom storage spaces that bring more ease to daily living.

“I’ve put in closets and shelves in garages and mud rooms, and I recently converted a laundry room into a home office/laundry room,” she notes. “There are so many possibilities today.”

At Home

She was very busy during COVID-19, she adds. “Since people were at home so much, they wanted their environment to be pleasing and also efficient for working at home. We had many interesting projects to help people feel comfortable and make the best use of their space during that stressful time.”

Closets Redesigned clients are all ages, and while her work is predominantly in Mercer County and Bucks County, Pa., Webster has also had projects in New York and at the Jersey Shore. She is happy to see her clientele expanding as more people learn of her expertise.

Depending on size and complexity, jobs can last two months or even a year. “Every project has its own challenges and rewards,” she points out. “It can be relatively simple or something more complicated. Each project is unique and personalized to each client’s particular vision and space. When everything is right, it all works. I love to see the creativity and functionality married together.

Webster is proud and thankful to be able to do the work she loves, and at the same time create spaces that her clients will appreciate and savor. “When everything is organized in just the way the customer envisioned, and they can see how easy everything will be, it is wonderful to see the joy it brings them.”

For more information, call (609) 531-8763, and visit the website at closetsredesigned.com.