April 12, 2023

Local Filmmaker Produces Directs, Sells First Feature

“CAPSULES”: Princeton native and 2015 Hopewell Valley Central High School graduate Luke Momo co-wrote, produced, edited, and directed a new science fiction film, now available to watch on demand on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and more.

Was the next cult classic science fiction film made in Princeton? Capsules, made by Luke Momo (son of the owner of the Terra Momo Restaurant Group), is starting to make waves. The film was purchased by the Oscar-nominated distribution company Good Deed Entertainment | Cranked Up Films and is now available to watch on demand on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and more.

Capsules won the Best Feature Film Award at the Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival. It was also selected for the Garden State Film Festival, and was nominated for the Kevin Smith Home Grown Feature Award (New Jersey).

Capsules is a coming of age story in which, after experimenting with mysterious substances, four chemistry students find themselves addicted in the worst way possible: they’ll die unless they take more. The characters are forced to face their own mortality while navigating increasingly challenging moral dilemmas.

Momo said the film was designed to be as inexpensive as possible to produce. There were only eight main contributors to the film: the four lead cast members, the director, cameraman, sound recordists, and makeup and hair. During the time of filming, each of the key members of the production was under 25 years old.