March 22, 2023

Noting That Progress Comes In Many Forms in Princeton

To the Editor:

As I was bicycling to the local Princeton Shopping Center last week, I saw that the scrub pine and trash on the corner of Terhune and Harrison had been cleared. Finally, after years of discussion, housing will be built — where it can do the most good.

I admit mixed feelings about losing trees, but there are hundreds of acres of trees preserved 1/2 mile north in Autumn Hill Reserve and Herrontown Woods.

For decades, this corner was understood to be a perfect location for proximate, walkable housing next to shopping and medical facilities and Grover Park — right on a main road with bus service. This is a great living location for people without a car.

The Council cracked some eggs and made a terrific omelet. Thanks for their courage.

Doug Rubin
Laurel Road