March 15, 2023

Helpful Neighbors are Example of Why Princeton is a Great Town

To the Editor:

I was reminded today of one of the reasons Princeton is a great town. I had a quiet knock on my door — a neighbor out walking her dog wanted me to know that I had a flat tire on the rear passenger side of my car, so I would have been unlikely to see it. Thank you for going out of your way to let me know!

And then, as my son and I were struggling to take off the tire, John, a previously unknown neighbor, pulled over to ask if we needed help. He was a wealth of knowledge and equipment. He took us through the process — not only taking off our tire, but then he fixed it for us, inflated the tire, and helped to put it back on the car. My new plan is to have a full tire repair kit in each car — now that I know what is needed.

This is a perfect example of the great people who live in this town. Thanks to both of you!

Anne-Marie Maman
Moore Street