March 1, 2023

Sharing Gratitude for Dedication of Longtime PHS Teacher Jeff Lucker

To the Editor:

Thanks to Donald Gilpin for the insightful interview with Jeff Lucker, who retired after 53 years of teaching history at Princeton High School [“Jeff Lucker, 53 Years at PHS: ‘It’s Amazing What Can Be Done,’” February 15, page 10]. I especially appreciated Lucker’s quote,  “It’s more than simply passion for the subject. It’s passion for the students and an interest in communicating with the students and the interaction with them. It’s amazing what can be done if you have that.”

I’m sending it to my granddaughter to encourage her. A history major at Wake Forest, she believes she is called to teach high school history for exactly that reason — the ability to communicate and interact with students. And, of course, we all are grateful for the dedication of Mr. Lucker and all of the teachers who have done their best during COVID. 

Barbara Fox
Stonebridge at Montgomery, Skillman