March 1, 2023

Derived From the Hemp Plant, CBD (Cannabiodiol) May Offer Benefits For a Variety of Conditions

HEALTHY BENEFITS: “The hemp plant has more than 100 different chemical compounds. It can address a variety of health-related conditions. It is a natural, good, healthy way to help an array of problems.” Phil Rutman, owner of Native Ceuticals, is enthusiastic about his CBD (cannabidiol) products made from the hemp plant.

By Jean Stratton

“My goal is to educate people about the benefits of Native Ceuticals,” says Phil Rutman.

Owner of Native Ceuticals, located at 1273 Route 206 (State Road),  Montgomery Township, he looks forward to introducing people to the company’s  products, which he believes will improve health problems.

“I want to help people gain an understanding about the benefits of CBD (cannabiodiol) and these products,” he explains. “They have nothing to do with marijuana, do not cause a high, and are not addictive. There are multiple derivatives from hemp, offering a beneficial herbal alternative for treatment of many health problems. This is a growing industry. CBD has been legal since 2018.” 

Highest Quality

Rutman’s store is an independently-owned franchise, which he opened in September of 2022. The parent Native Ceuticals company is headquartered in North Carolina. Its mission statement explains that it “is a seed-to-shelf business model providing non-toxic ethically produced CBD and CBD products. It is here that we formulate and manufacture every product available to you.

“Whether farmed ourselves or sourced from hemp farms here in North Carolina, we start with only the best cannabis strains. Our professionally processed oils are then sent for third party testing to ensure the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and the absence of any residual solvents, molds, or pesticides. These extra steps are taken not only to ensure that we are providing the highest quality products, but more importantly to make sure they are safe for our customers.”

Rutman, whose previous career was in retail, worked as an executive at Macy’s and at Perry Ellis, and explains he wanted to head in a new direction.

“After COVID, I was ready for a change, and I decided it was time to have my own business. I learned about this industry, and I became interested. I’ve tried nearly every product, and have educated myself about all of them. Educating people about this is a major priority, and it is a learning experience for me too.”

The products can target such conditions as stress/anxiety, depression, mood, sleeping difficulties, stomach upsets, pain, skin problems, and the immune system. In a wide price range, they are available as gummies, gel caps, pills, tinctures (in bottles with droppers), salves, lotions, and roll-ons.

Soothing Relief

“There are topicals and salves for joint, muscle, and arthritis pain,” points out Rutman, “and also lotions for soothing relief of muscle aches. In addition, pills for focus, concentration, and attention span are available. Some products are anti-inflammatories, and some have antioxidant qualities.

“Pain relief can often come as quickly as 10 to 20 minutes, and there are no unpleasant side effects,” he reports, adding, “It is important that customers follow the specific recommended dosages. I advise people to start at the lower dose level. Of course, customers are welcome to consult their physician.”

Other products address skin problems, help to reduce wrinkles, enhance collagen, and others can treat conditions such as eczema. There are also non-toxic cleansers.

In addition, pet products are available, including those to help aches and pains, and others with calming effects.

All Ages

Customer response has been excellent, says Rutman. “We have people coming in every day, and often they are repeats. They are all ages, from the early 20s on up. The products are good for any age. The customers say that what we have has really made a difference for them.”

He points out that currently the industry is not FDA-regulated. “However, all our products here are tested by an independent third party laboratory for quality and safety purposes.”

He is very pleased both with the enthusiastic response to Native Ceuticals and with the location. “I thought this would be a good place. It is a highly visible location, with neighbors that attract customers. For example, we are right next to the Wawa.”

He also wanted to offer a pleasing and comfortable environment, and the setting is light and inviting. “I hoped to have a relaxed, calming space. We have chairs if people want to spend time, ask questions, and discuss the products. Everything is on display, with convenient explanations for their purpose.

“There is nothing like us in the area. We are unique. Customers are coming from all over, including Princeton. I enjoy meeting them all, and I hope to make a difference for them. Our products can offer great benefit for general health and wellness. We are here to help people.”

Native Ceuticals is open seven days, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For further information, call (609) 212-2134. Website: