February 15, 2023

Annual Film Festival of Oscar-Nominated Shorts

ANIMATION: A still from “An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It,” among the Oscar-nominated shorts at Mill Hill Playhouse in Trenton.

Trenton Film Society will be showing Oscar-nominated short films in documentary, live-action, and animation categories on Friday, February 24 at 6:30 p.m., and Saturday, February 25 at 1, 3, and 6 p.m. at the Mill Hill Playhouse, 205 East Front Street in Trenton.

Note that, due to a previously scheduled presentation by the Passage Theatre at Mill Hill Playhouse, the Oscar Shorts program will not be shown the same weekend as the Oscar broadcast on Sunday, March 12.

Tickets are $20 for the jumbo showing (166 minutes) of documentaries on Friday, and $12 for a single program or $20 for an animated and live-action double feature on Saturday. Complimentary snacks and drinks will be served between programs. Participants will get a ballot for marking choices for the Oscar winner. Correct guesses for winners in each category will be entered into a drawing for an all-access pass to the Trenton Film Festival in June.

Films in the documentary category tackle important social and environmental issues around the world, from the chilling (literally) Haulout (UK/Russia) about climate change in the Arctic, to the heartwarming Elephant Whisperers (India), which follows an Indigenous couple who fall in love with Raghu, an orphaned elephant given into their care, and tirelessly work to ensure his recovery and survival.

In a character study, Jay Rosenblatt filmed his daughter Ella on her birthday in the same spot, asking the same questions, for 17 years. What results in How Do Measure a Year? (U.S.) is a unique chance to see a young woman come into focus physically, mentally, and emotionally over time. Stranger at the Gate (U.S.) portrays a marine filled with hatred for Muslims who plots to bomb an Indiana mosque. When he comes face to face with the immigrants he seeks to kill, however, the story takes a shocking twist toward compassion, grace, and forgiveness.

For information on additional films, visit trentonfilmsociety.org.