February 8, 2023

“Our His-story Month” at Dupree Gallery

“UNTITLED PORTRAIT #16”: This 2020 work by Barbara Bullock is part of “Our His-story Month,” on view through February 26 at the Dupree Gallery in Lambertville. A reception is on February 11 from 5 to 8 p.m.

For Black History Month, the Dupree Gallery in Lambertville presents “Our His-story Month,” is on view through February 26. A reception is on February 11 from 5 to 8 p.m.

This exhibition showcases the importance of Black voices in the art world, institutions, and society as a whole. The artwork on display is from a range of Black artists from local and national communities. Dupree Gallery is a Black-owned business founded by artist James E. Dupree, a native of Philadelphia. It has locations in both Philadelphia and Lambertville.

“There is an excellent quality, diversity, and range of artists exhibiting in this show,” said Dupree. “They are all a variety of emerging, established, and master artists. I want the legacy I established in my 50 years in Philadelphia to resonate here in Lambertville, and to continue building upon my legacy in the fourth quarter of my life.”

The artists featured in this exhibition are: Barbara Bullock, Bernard Collins, James E. Dupree, Claes Gabriel, E.B. Lewis, Phillip M. McConnell, Alloyius Mcilwaine, Sana Musasama, Preston Philmore, Serena Saunders, Jose A. Sebourne, Siri0m Singh, Don Stephens, Raphael Tiberino, Roederick Vines, Michael A. Wallace, Richard J. Watson, and Kenny White.

The Dupree Gallery is located at 10 North Union Street in Lambertville and 703 South 6th Street in Philadelphia. For more information, call (640) 203-8356 or email DupreeGallery@gmail.com.