February 1, 2023

New Composting Program Shouldn’t Be Considered Until Residents Recycle Properly

To the Editor:

No. 1 — do not even consider composting until people know how to recycle properly. Check out how many plastic bags are in the bins, and why not? They still get picked up. How simple is it to understand no plastic bags? It doesn’t stop there. Take a look at the buckets on recycle day. One time there were red stickers put on unacceptable buckets, but only once.

I did pay for composting, and I liked it. However, expecting only compost-acceptable matter inside your free bucket is highly unlikely. Make recycling correctly a priority.

This isn’t rocket science. People who have green compost buckets with wheels and a lid should be able to reuse them as recycling buckets.

Elaine Y. Staats
Moore Street