January 4, 2023

Haircuts, Shaves, and More for Men and Boys Are All Available at Popular Nassau Barbers

TEAM WORK: “We can advise clients about an appropriate look, but it is really up to the customer. We will certainly help them to achieve what they want. Most men who come in actually just want a quick haircut! We will always offer great value, quality, and service,” point out Nassau Barbers owner Travis Monahan and manager Jackie Witty. Shown is the barbershop team, from left: Karina Gonzalez, Jackie Witty, Jay Huang, Travis Monahan, Karlly Nunez, Rebecca Cabete, Brigid Gallagher, Alheli Ramos, and Vick Gramajo.

By Jean Stratton

Despite all the changes in lifestyle, culture, fads, and fashion over the years, the classic barber shop has never gone out of style.

Even throughout the turmoil and tumult of the 1960s, the hippies, with their long, unshorn locks, did not defeat the barber shop!

Whatever trends, tendencies, tectonic shifts, movements, and changes— including astonishingly assorted hairstyles —appeared in the ensuing decades, men and boys still went to their favorite barber shop.

And a favorite of many in Princeton is Nassau Barbers, located at 20 Nassau Street.

Friendly Staff

“When I first moved to Princeton five years ago, it took me a while to find the right barbershop,” says Princeton resident Dustin Bailey. “Then I found Nassau Barbers, and now I come regularly. It’s because of the quality of service and the friendliness of the staff.”

His opinion is echoed by the shop’s many other customers, and since its move from Chambers Street last May, business has been booming, report owner Travis Monahan and manager Jackie Witty.

Opened originally in 2011, the shop was purchased by Monahan in 2017. He has also owned Princeton Barber Shop on South Tulane Street since 2006. In the barber business for 21 years, and a licensed cosmetologist, he believes in offering high quality services in a professional setting.

“We have a very professional environment, with an excellent staff and the best service,” says Monahan. “My philosophy is to try hard to make everyone happy and be sure they will want to come back again. Value and quality are most important, and people know they can count on that from us.

“Also, keep it simple! People love ‘easy.’ Everything here is very straightforward. Customers all know what to expect from us.”

And, indeed, in an effort to make it simple and uncomplicated, Nassau Barbers accepts walk-in customers only — no appointments. Cash only payment helps to keep haircut prices reasonable at $22 Monday through Thursday, and $23 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To help customers who only deal in plastic, an ATM machine is on the premises. Discounts are also offered to Princeton University students, police, veterans, current members of the military, and first responders.

Hands-on Barber

Services include haircuts for men and boys, beard trim and removal, mustache trim, and shaves. Shampoo and scalp massage are extra. Haircuts generally take 20 to 25 minutes.

“We also offer hot foam straight razor shaves on the back of the neck with every haircut,” points out Witty, who is also a hands-on barber.

“Our staff consists of eight barbers and cosmetologists, who are all expertly trained and experienced. We provide classic and modern cutting styles, and our barbers are highly skilled in fades, scissor work, and everything in between.”

The “fade” cut is especially popular now, adds Monahan. This look features cutting hair on the sides very close to the scalp, creating a shadowed transition to the thicker top. “It is tighter and more precise,” he explains.

While the men who come in generally just want a quick haircut, when the boys reach 12 or 13, they become more particular and interested in style, reports Witty. “Kids want to have styles like their favorite sports stars. They’ll bring in pictures of the ones they like.”

Customers are all ages, she adds, even as young as 6 months old. Coming in for a first haircut can be a momentous moment, and many moms save those first shorn curls.

First Haircut

“Sometimes, children can be afraid to have that first haircut,” explains Witty, “but we do our best to help them relax and make it fun. We have kid-themed capes with dinosaurs, race cars, trucks, or outer space images. Then, the little ones can choose which cape they want to wear for their haircut. We also offer lollipops at the end or during the service.”

Princeton is an excellent location for their shop, point out Witty and Monahan, and its diversity provides for an even more interesting clientele.

“We have customers from all walks of life and backgrounds, and Princeton is such a diverse town that we have clients with all kinds of hair and texture. We can provide them all with excellent service.”

The warm, friendly, and unpretentious atmosphere is another attraction for many customers, and as Witty notes, many customers are loyal regulars of longstanding.

“We also get new people all the time,” she adds. “Many find us online, but also, sometimes people are just walking by, see us, and decide to come in for a haircut. It can be a spur-of-the-moment decision.”

Another plus for customers is Nassau Barbers’ intriguing setting, with its modern, handsome black and white motif. “I call it ‘masculine bold,’” says Monahan, who custom-designed the look. Its display of faux animal heads on the wall engages the kids, with a tiger, bear, bison, elephant, elk, and others gazing down upon them.


In addition, the shop is state-of-the-art in very way, reports Witty. “Our eight stations are completely up-to-date. Our chairs are electrically operated, and we have a highly rated cleaning system.”

With the traditional red, white, and blue colors in the barber pole announcing its presence, Nassau Barbers has found a permanent home, agree Witty and Monahan.

“We are here to stay. This is what we look forward to. It is our goal. And remember, you can get haircuts in lots of places — but not that look like ours! In addition, we are planning on providing some further services and opportunities, so stay tuned!”

Nassau Barbers is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (609) 454-5085. Website: nassaubarbers.com.