November 16, 2022

Municipal Employees Recognized for Milestones At Princeton’s Annual Service Awards Ceremony

EMPLOYMENT MILESTONES: Members of the Princeton Police Department were among the municipal employees honored for their service on Monday. From left: Chief Jonathan Bucchere, Captain Christopher Tash, Sergeant Thomas Murray, Detective Sergeant Ben Gering, Officer Jennifer S. Gering, and Patrolman Jonathan Myzie.

By Anne Levin

Each year, the Municipality of Princeton pays tribute to those who have reached employment milestones — five years, 10 years, 20, 25, 30, and retirement. From vehicle maintenance and construction to police and serving on Princeton Council, these individuals get special recognition.

The municipality held the 2022 Employee Service Awards Ceremony on Monday, November 14, at the Suzanne Patterson Center, honoring 36 people who have given nearly 400 years of combined service to the town. Deb Mercantini, a municipal employee and longtime Princeton Environmental Commission secretary who died last March, was honored posthumously.

Mayor Mark Freda, who was in attendance along with members of Council, praised the employees for their past and ongoing contributions. “I congratulate these individuals on reaching important career milestones,” he said. “Their dedication is inspiring, and we are all grateful for their day-to-day commitment to our community and to the Municipality of Princeton.”

Later in the day at a meeting of the Council, Princeton Police Captain Jonathan Bucchere was sworn in as new police chief, and Lieutenant Christopher Tash was sworn in as new police captain. Because of the pandemic, the most recent swearing-in ceremony, two years ago, was held virtually. Monday’s event took place at the beginning of the Council meeting, starting with an honor guard procession in front of an audience of nearly 50 people. Bucchere replaces the recently retired Chief Christopher Morgan, who was in the audience, as was his predecessor, former Chief Nicholas Sutter.

The employees who are retiring are: Thomas R. Murray III, police (31 years); Olivia R. Kidd, finance (31 years); Joseph Sekeras, buildings and grounds (26 years); Keith Wood, sewer (24 years); Joseph P. Scullion, recreation (15 years); Richard Decker, engineering (8 years); as well as Debra Mercantini, clerk, honored posthumously (25 years).

For 30 years: Lily K. Huie, finance. For 25 years: Jeffrey Torres, sewer; Shannon Lawson, police; Susan Shapiro, court; John Paul Pettenati, construction; and Rosanna A. Roberto, engineering. For 20 Years: Darryl Hemingway, road repair; Martin Hopkins, vehicle maintenance; Dawn Mount, clerk; and Christopher D. King, police. For 15 years: Jonathan E. Myzie, police; Christine Candelario, construction; Jennifer S. Gering, police; and Christopher Donnelly, police.

For 10 years: John McCarthy III, court; Daniel Hudson, police; Raymond McDowell, recreation; Craig Humble, police. For five years: David Cohen, Councilmember; Leticia Fraga, Councilmember; Janell Colombo, construction; Ashley Levins, police; Michael Miceli, police; James Eufemia, police; Adam Santos, police; Joseph Novak, fire inspection; Nicole Paulucci, recreation; Dennis Moreen, sewer; and Matthew Jones, sewer.