November 9, 2022

Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad Seeks Volunteers to Join Organization

To the Editor:
When Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad (PFARS) was founded in 1939, the organization’s 40 volunteer members operated out of a station wagon stocked with first aid supplies donated by Johnson & Johnson.

Today, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization has grown to around 60 volunteers working side-by-side with eight career Emergency Medical Technicians and a full-time chief from its new facilities on Mount Lucas Road. The current fleet of apparatus includes modular ambulances, a technical rescue truck, two four-wheel drive utility vehicles, and Rescue One jet drive marine unit.

We take great pride in maintaining top standards of care to Princeton residents and visitors, as well as neighboring communities. PFARS responded to more than 2,500 calls in 2021 including nearly 200 mutual aid calls to the surrounding municipalities of Montgomery, Rocky Hill, West Windsor, Lawrenceville, and South Brunswick.

This can only be possible with a strong volunteer base.

And so, we’ve launched a full-scale volunteer recruiting effort, seeking candidates to join our 2023 training programs and apply to become volunteer members. Applications are currently being accepted for spring, summer, and fall 2023 on-boarding programs. Interested candidates are invited to attend a virtual information session on Monday, November 21 at 6 p.m.

Many residents don’t realize that PFARS is independent of the Municipality of Princeton and not supported by taxpayers. Funding for our operations depends on contributions made by individuals, corporations, and foundations to fulfill our mission to save lives, relieve the suffering of the sick and injured, and promote safety.

When I joined the squad in 2007, I saw it as an opportunity to have a part-time job doing something that I enjoyed while completing my college degree. I fell in love with the career, and soon became full time, and have been here ever since. For many of us, the big draw is the close personal friendships we’re able to cultivate within the organization. I also enjoy being able to get out and give back to this community, having meaningful daily interactions with people that may just need a comforting conversation when they are having potentially their worst day.

Find out if volunteering as an EMT and being able to help others in a critical time of need is right for you. Join us for the virtual information session later this month, hear from former recruits, and learn about our streamlined 2023 training program. An application and details for the virtual session can be found at

Chief, Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad
Mount Lucas Road