November 9, 2022

Expressing Concerns Regarding New Roundabout on Rosedale Road

To the Editor:
Anne Levin’s article, “Navigating Roundabout on Rosedale Road Has Caused Some Confusion,” prompts me, as someone who drives or bikes along Rosedale almost every day, to write this letter. While I’m tempted to say that I’m “confused,” I’m actually “concerned.” So here, in the form of questions, are three concerns.

1. How long will the roundabout be grossly over illuminated at night? So preternaturally bright has that slice of road become that, the first time I encountered it, I said to myself: “Looks like Ron Howard and his film crew are back in town to shoot a major nighttime scene.”

2. Is there any way to keep the path for walkers and cyclists that hugs Rosedale between Elm and Province Line roads reasonably clear of fallen branches? I often see people riding bikes on Rosedale Road; I rarely see people riding bikes on the bike path. Hazardous debris must be one reason.

3. Speaking of fallen branches, what should be done to protect walkers, cyclists, and even motorists from tree limbs coming down? Along Rosedale, as throughout the Princeton region, many trees are sick and dying (most prominently and sadly, monumental ash trees). I know from experience that cutting down big trees costs big bucks. I also know from experience that getting hit by a falling branch costs a lot.

Province Line Road