November 2, 2022

Kanter Will Continue to Prioritize Student, Community Interests While Improving PPS

To the Editor:

We have known Susan Kanter for many years and can share what makes her a standout candidate for the Board of Education. Throughout her roles as a corporate leader, mother, school volunteer, community organizer, and current member of the School Board, she consistently comes up with practical, effective solutions to complex problems.

Balancing the interests of the Princeton K-12 students and the community at large, Susan is a consensus builder that balances the needs of diverse stakeholders. She is flexible and eager to hear other points of view even if they differ from her own. When addressing even the thorniest issues, she engages in an articulate, fact-based, thoughtful way that invites others to work towards a common understanding and equitable solutions.

In each endeavor, Susan engages hands-on and tackles challenges no matter how large or small. Susan’s first term started as COVID hit, and she demonstrated the ability to make fast, effective, and creative decisions in the absence of perfect information and precedent. She is excited to have the opportunity to focus on improving our student’s academic achievement as well as their social and emotional health, which has been tested over the last few years. Susan is also committed to ensuring that our facilities are properly maintained for the health of our students and the money it saves taxpayers in the long run. She is also a proponent of continued sustainability initiatives and getting solid plans in place to support Princeton’s future growth.

These are just some of the many traits that have allowed Susan to become a productive and valued member of the School Board. Please join us on November 8th at the polls and vote for Susan Kanter for the Princeton Board of Education. She is the candidate who will continue to prioritize student and community interests while improving Princeton’s Public Schools.

Beth Hirschman
Ettl Circle

Karen Reid
Westcott Road