October 26, 2022

Urging Residents to Find Out What BOE Candidates Demand Regarding Curriculum

To the Editor:

In this year 2022, there is an enormous concern about where our dear nation is headed. A John Adams quote states, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” Democracy can only endure when there is an educated citizenry.

Our schools and what is being taught are the keys to that success. We as citizens send our most precious possessions — our children and hard-earned money to provide that education. So I wonder why teacher unions and politicians are now telling us what they will teach.

There is an election about to occur and I urge you to find out what your School Board candidates will demand in the way of a curriculum; what history and literature children will be exposed to along with math and science. Recently I asked a School Board member what the study of literature was in K-12, the reply was “I’m not on that committee.”

So please, please elect responsible, caring, intelligent people to represent what you feel represents you and what you wish to pass on to your family. Remember, the schools belong to you.

Barbara B. Dollard
Elm Ridge Road