October 26, 2022

Expressing Thanks to McCarter for Masked Show to Enjoy Live Theater

To the Editor:

I’m immunocompromised as a result of medicines I take daily to protect a kidney transplant I had 25 years ago (and which I give thanks for every day!). As a result, I can’t mount a vigorous immune response to COVID, and I need to be very cautious about my exposure. I’m one of millions that confront this reality every day.

Which is why I haven’t been to a live theater production for almost three years — and I love theater. That is, until recently, when McCarter Theatre did a wonderful thing for myself and many other immune-weakened people: they set aside a handful of shows that were “masked only.”

It was such a thrill to once again experience the excitement of live theater! I saw The Wolves and the emotion in the audience was palpable. And, surprising for a Tuesday night performance, it was well attended, but I felt very secure because everybody wore a mask — so I could thoroughly enjoy the excellent production.

I just want to acknowledge that in a day when most COVID precautions have been discarded, McCarter took the chance and included so many of us that have felt excluded from indoor events back into the wonder of live theater.

David Barry
Warwick Road, West Windsor