October 26, 2022

Bronfeld Wants All Princeton Children To Get the Quality Education They Deserve

To the Editor:

This letter represents our strong support for Debbie Bronfeld, who is running for re-election for a position on Princeton’s Board of Education.

We have known Debbie for over two decades (we met at the pediatrician’s office when my daughter and her second son were just a month old), and we think she continues to be a great choice for Princeton’s Board of Education. When Debbie first ran for the Board of Education six years ago, we weren’t surprised. She has always been civic minded (e.g., she was the executive director for Dress for Success Mercer County and she volunteered and then was employed by the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank), and she has long been a champion of Princeton schools. Both her sons were in the Princeton Public schools for their entire pre-college education. Thus, early on, Debbie was a member of the Littlebrook PTO. She volunteered as a room parent, as a worker in Littlebrook’s library, and at PUM’s book sales. To this day Debbie continues to show her support at the school district’s concerts, musicals, football games, and other events (she often joins us in cheering on our Princeton High School cheerleader! Go Tigers!). 

Six years ago and then again three years ago, Debbie ran for a spot on Princeton’s Board of Education because she wanted to work to ensure that all children in Princeton get the quality education that they deserve. She won a spot on the Board both times. Since then, she has worked hard to fulfill those promises to our children even as COVID presented new challenges. Debbie recognized that educational needs must be balanced with needs regarding health and safety, and thus she has been pushing for more guidance and support services (including bilingual services). She also pushed for a later start time for PHS. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (2014), later start times are linked to academic and health benefits. 

Debbie is also a strong supporter of diversity and inclusion. For example, her efforts on the Personnel Committee have increased the hiring and retention of diverse staff. She has supported new curriculum including racial literacy. She also pressed for the Special Education Audit, and is now working to implement many of the audit findings (e.g., PHS musicals are now open to the whole student body).

We will vote for Debbie Bronfeld so she can continue to work for all the district’s children. She’s an active member of the Board, not content to just vote along with everyone else. She’s an independent thinker and evaluates the Board’s projects in terms of their merit and in light of practical considerations such as budgetary constraints. We are writing this letter because we need Debbie to continue to be a voice on the Board; we fully support Debbie Bronfeld’s candidacy. 

Wendy Heath
Stephen Kaplan
Benjamin Rush Lane