October 19, 2022

Thanking Princeton Council for Support of Dog Park, Off-leash Hours at Quarry

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Princeton Dog Park Alliance, I want to thank the Princeton Council for their support of a dog park in Community Park and off-leash hours at Quarry Park. Both ordinances will create much needed recreational opportunities for Princeton residents and their dogs. These spaces provide socialization and exercise opportunities for our dogs, which leads to better behaved pets. They also allow us opportunities to join together in community. Princeton has waited so many years for this to be developed, and we are grateful that the time has finally arrived.  

A number of us have been gathering in Quarry Park every weekday morning with our dogs. For the past three years, we have met and allowed our dogs to run free and play without leashes in the park. We are very mindful about recalling our dogs when anyone walks by, so they are not disturbed. Over the past three years, we have gathered almost daily, and there have been no incidents or complaints. Our dogs are well-behaved, respectful of each other and of other people, and are obedient. Dog owners know if they can trust their dog to be let off leash, and therefore self-regulate their participation in our gatherings.

We have also been careful to be respectful and conscientious neighbors. We always clean up after our dogs and have even picked up trash left by others to keep the area clean and pleasant for all users of the park.

We are grateful that Princeton is sanctioning our unofficial use of Quarry and look forward to partnering with the Council to ensure the success of this initiative.

Calvin Chin
President, Princeton Dog Park Alliance
Spruce Street