October 19, 2022

BOE Candidate Susan Kanter is Effective in Getting Things Done

To the Editor:

On November 8, Princeton residents will vote for three candidates for School Board, and we urge you to vote for Susan Kanter. We enthusiastically endorsed Susan for her first term, and we just as enthusiastically support her for re-election.

Susan brings a breadth and depth of experience professionally, in our community, and most importantly in our schools, having served on and co-led the middle school and high school PTOs for 18 years and having served on our Board of Education for the past three years.  Susan is passionate about education and the social-emotional well-being of our students, she worked with the district as it made hundreds of decisions to support our students and teachers through the pandemic, and she continues to work tirelessly to promote positive changes in the district. 

Some of Susan’s top priorities include ensuring that the district meets the academic needs of all its students, that students feel supported and represented in their learning, and that its facilities are maintained and operate sustainably. As co-chair of the Operations Committee, Susan helped the district make important maintenance and improvement decisions and is making major strides in terms of sustainability and the district’s ability to meet the changing needs of a growing student body.

In these challenging times, Susan also stands out as a person who works extremely well even with people who possess differing viewpoints from her own, making her especially well-suited to School Board work. Anyone who knows Susan can attest to her proven ability to work well with teachers, parents, administrators, and the community.

Susan possesses an unwavering desire to help our schools be their best — for the good of the students and the community — and she puts in the time week after week working toward that goal. Princeton is lucky to have such a dedicated and competent person volunteering tens of hours per week for our schools. She is an excellent listener, easy to work with, and a doer; she works well on a team, she listens, and she is effective in getting things done! 

Please join us in casting a vote for Susan Kanter on November 8! 

Brad Ackerman
Christopher Drive 

Lauren Jaffe
Rosedale Road

Suki Wasserman
Meadowbrook Drive

Lori Weir
Stuart Road East