October 12, 2022

Noting That Timing is Everything in PU’s Decision to Divest and Dissociate

To the Editor:

Whatever would Princeton University do if it weren’t able to virtue signal its commitment to all things progressive. Unfortunately, sometimes virtue signaling translates into actions and actions have consequences. In this case I specifically refer to the front page story in last week’s [October 5] Town Topics about PU’s decision to “divest and dissociate” from fossil fuel companies.

Let me play this out a bit — for a variety of reasons our U.S. energy costs are increasing rapidly (which also drives overall inflation), with those less able to afford it being hurt the most. Our president in trying to lower energy costs (you think there might be a political angle here, with an election four weeks away?), instead of increasing U.S. drilling and energy production, goes hat in hand to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela and of course, the benefits of these high prices benefit Russia. Saudi Arabia’s answer was a less-than-polite, thanks but no thanks. We are also seeing our European friends and allies about to endure a winter of high energy prices and potential supply shortfall as they have “outsourced” their energy supply to Russia — we all can see how that is working. Perhaps they will start burning wood or maybe even coal. What would Princeton recommend?

So now PU, oblivious to the economic, political, and strategic factors which the West faces, decides now is the right time to divest and dissociate. I wonder if the Princeton dons will be warm enough in their solar heated living rooms. All I can say is, timing is everything.

Michael Eckstut
Valencia Court, Skillman