October 12, 2022

Bronfeld Has Made Well-Being of PPS Students Her Top Priority in Many Ways

To the Editor:

I am endorsing Debbie Bronfeld for re-election to the Princeton Board of Education (BOE). I have known Debbie for close to a decade, and in that time she has proven herself to be a smart, warm, compassionate, and dedicated member of the Princeton community. Before joining the BOE in 2017, Debbie worked for nonprofits that serve vital needs in the community, such as Mercer Street Friends Food Bank and Dress for Success. She started the Princeton Children’s Fund, volunteers for Housing Initiative of Princeton (HIP), and is also on the board and volunteers for the Princeton Mobile Food Pantry, strengthening this worthy organization.

Whenever Debbie tackles an issue, problem, or project, she puts her heart and soul into it. While on the School Board, she helped support a committee to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues. With Debbie’s input, the district hired Dr. Kelley as superintendent because of her work in the field of equity. Since Debbie has been on the Board, the Princeton school system has joined the BELE group and other equity groups, and she was instrumental in the Board approving an equity and racism acknowledgement, of which she is especially proud.

Mental health and well-being of all students and staff in Princeton schools are a top priority for Debbie. She has pushed for more guidance counselors and social workers, along with advocating for increased bilingual guidance and support services. She successfully advocated to start and end the school day later so stressed and exhausted students can get a fuller night’s sleep. She obtained state grants, along with partnering with the Y and local housing areas, to help our Pre-K program support early learners from low income families.

Because Debbie supports making the district more inclusive, other advances include advocating for the Special Education Audit, of which she is now pushing to implement its findings. She is particularly proud that, because of her actions, student musical casting is now open to the entire student body.

Some of Debbie’s future goals include hiring, training, and retaining diverse staff so our students can see themselves in their teachers, and managing increased enrollment from new construction in town while ensuring that our schools’ capacity is being used effectively. Other goals include improving the tenure process and managing taxes so families can remain in Princeton after their children graduate.

As you can see, Debbie has an excellent track record from her six years on the Board and has made the well-being of our students her top priority in a myriad of ways. She faced up to the unique impact the pandemic posed for the school system, and as a devoted and talented public servant, she is more than capable of dealing with the many challenges ahead. As a community, we are lucky to have her on the BOE, and therefore we must ensure that she is able to continue her good work. So please join me in re-electing Debbie Bronfeld this November 8.

Bonnie Schultz
Longview Drive