October 5, 2022

Debbie Bronfeld Wants to Continue To Improve PPS as BOE Member

To the Editor:

My name is Debbie Bronfeld and I am running for my third term as a Princeton Public Schools Board member. I have had the honor of being on the School Board for the last six years, representing you and making decisions on behalf of you and the students in Princeton. I want to continue to improve the Princeton school district that educated my children, is educating your children, and is serving the Princeton community.

Three years of COVID created new challenges for the district. As Board members, we had to navigate uncharted waters — balancing education with the health and safety of our children, teachers, staff, and community — in a public health crisis that changed weekly and guidance that changed even faster.

The 2022-23 school year has been a return to normalcy, as students return to in-person learning with even fewer constraints and will have the opportunity to participate in all extra-curricular activities. The pandemic has had an impact on our children’s education, social development, and mental well-being. I have pushed for more guidance counselors and social workers, and this year the district will be partnering with a social service group that will include bilingual services. I understand the impact of a student’s mental well-being on their school performance, and I will continue to support making time and services available for all our students’ needs.

I am the chairperson of the Personnel Committee, co-chair the Equity Committee, and a member of the Operations and Student Achievement committees. In my six years on the School Board:

My efforts have improved our tenure review process, increased hiring and retention of diverse staff, and approved salary increases for our talented and committed staff. Supporting the five-year teacher contract will make the annual budgeting process more predictable.

In support of our children’s well-being, I helped advance the start (Princeton High School) and end (Princeton Middle School) time of the school day.

Because I believe an inclusive environment is essential for the school and the community, I pushed for the Special Education Audit, and I am now pushing to implement many of the audit findings. I am particularly gratified that Princeton High School musicals are now open to the whole student body.

I supported starting the school year earlier.

I supported new curriculum including racial literacy.

I pushed to start the annual budget process earlier in the school year and supported more budget and referendum transparency.

Because I want every child to succeed, I supported increasing our preschool program to assist low-income families and I’m continuing to push for more bilingual guidance and support services.

Continuity on the School Board is important and is especially important now due to so much turnover this past year in administration. My experience on the Board helps to provide history, context, and guidance so that changes are not disruptive, and mistakes are not repeated.

Debbie Bronfeld
Dodds Lane