September 28, 2022

Printmaker DiMarchi Named ACP Fall Artist-in-Residence

Dave DiMarchi

The Arts Council of Princeton (ACP) has named printmaker Dave DiMarchi as its Fall 2022 Anne Reeves Artist-in-Residence (AIR). During his residency, DiMarchi will engage in a deeper exploration of his print works — further pursuing research of the interconnected language of collage, drawing, printmaking, and installation in his work.

As AIR, DiMarchi’s residency will focus on working across printmaking processes, allowing the process to direct each new step of the prints. This responsive style of printmaking will push his practice out of its comfort zone, hopefully allowing for a deeper connection to process and product, and a deeper appreciation of making. A suite of new printed works — editions, monoprints, dimensional prints — will be available at the conclusion of the residency.

DiMarchi is a queer, multi-disciplinary printmaker and artist working in printmaking, papermaking, and sculptural book forms. He has exhibited works on paper, installations, and books in the U.S. and internationally. He maintains a collaborative studio and art-making space in New Hope, Pa., working deeply with artists to master printmaking techniques and create new portfolio and exhibition-ready prints; his relentless material practice and print research is the basis of his own art-making practice.

He teaches printmaking, papermaking, and book forms extensively throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area. He is also the owner of 9INHANDPRESS, a nexus of design, print, and education. 9INHANDPRESS hosts an annual International Print Exchange that engages printmakers worldwide in a collaborative portfolio and exhibitions; some nearly 9,000 prints have passed through the exchange since its inception in 2016.

In conjunction with his residency, DiMarchi will create a site-specific mural on Spring Street in Downtown Princeton. The mural is expected to be completed by early November and will be on view until early spring 2023.

“Being chosen as the Arts Council’s Fall 2022 AIR, I’m humbled and excited to pursue a new vein of print-based work,” said DiMarchi. “The time, space, and support of the Arts Council will allow me to focus on creating work that builds on the traditions of printmaking while exploring printmaking through a contemporary, process-based lens. The work I make is largely a conversation between artist, process, and product, centered on domesticity — especially that of queer household-building: the schedules, patterns and routines of ungendered work and the ordinariness of place holding, task-doing, and surviving. My work is an ephemeral record of the normalcy of shared life-living: the whats, hows, and whens of making space. It is my goal to expand that conversation to include community — that of artists, makers, and passers-by — in the processes of making and discovering what’s to come off the press next.”

Dave’s residency coincides with his appointment of Studio Manager of the new Print Studio at the Arts Council.

As a new hub of printmaking in Central New Jersey, the Print Studio will build a culture of printmaking at the Arts Council. DiMarchi will work to train instructors and artists to utilize the studio to its greatest potential. Centered around a brand-new Stark Press Company etching press, the studio will house the space, tools, materials, and supplies for relief, intaglio, monoprint, and screen-printing techniques. He, and an acclaimed roster of print artists, will continue to teach a diverse selection of workshops and courses covering all aspects of printmaking for new audiences of children, teens, and emerging and established artists.

The studio will soon allow for Open Studio rental, an expanded roster of workshops and courses, and residency opportunities. The Print Studio will open with the Glucksberg Printing Project, a curriculum of classes, workshops, and community events.

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