September 14, 2022

Intersection of Jefferson Road and Wiggins Street Needs Marked Pedestrian Crossing

To the Editor:

We are gradually settling in to Princeton, our new home of three weeks.

The house location we chose was deliberate to enable us to walk to town, campus, library, restaurants, and family on sidewalks. Walkability is a top priority for us.

So it’s ironic that where our street, Jefferson Road, intersects with Wiggins Street there is no marked pedestrian crossing.

Both Wiggins and Jefferson are busy streets for traffic and Jefferson for kids walking and biking back and forth to school.

To the right Madison has a marked crossing and to the left so does Moore. Jefferson in the middle does not.

From what we understand there is a New Jersey state law that requires pedestrian crossings at T intersections — an important component of a walkable town.

Why has Jefferson been forgotten? Let’s mark the Wiggins/Jefferson T intersection with bright white zebra strikes so that pedestrians and motorists know that it is a designated pedestrian crosswalk.

We trust the government will give it the attention it needs.

Brenda Battat
Jefferson Street