August 3, 2022

Town Gas Leaf Blower Ordinance Is Improvement All Can Appreciate

To the Editor:

We feel compelled to write in enthusiastic endorsement of last week’s letter in Town Topics: “Princeton Has Been Quieter with Gas Leaf Blower Ordinance in Place” [Mailbox, July 27] Our neighborhood has been noticeably quieter this summer thanks to the absence of gas leaf blowers. The difference is dramatic and welcome. We are also writing to thank the letter writer and her husband, Phyllis Teitelbaum and Tony Lunn, for initiating the campaign to restrict gas leaf blowers many years ago and their tireless advocacy for all these years.

Even a proposal as simple as addressing the universal complaint of noise- and air-polluting gas leaf blowers at the community level is instructive in how “it takes a village.” Phyllis and Tony’s cause was taken up by many. Most importantly, the community’s call for change was acted upon by our elected officials, with the expert guidance of the Princeton Environmental Commission, Sustainable Princeton, the municipal staff, and many others. Compliance has been improving thanks to the municipality’s follow-through and the proactive outreach to the professional landscaping community by Sustainable Princeton.

This is an improvement in our town that we can all appreciate and be thankful for.

Scott Sillars
Margaret Griffin
Patton Avenue