July 27, 2022

Town’s “Tell Us What You Want” Survey Open Through August 8

By Anne Levin

There is still time to weigh in on Princeton’s future. The “Tell Us What You Want” survey, seeking thoughts on everything from parking to the town’s historic character, will remain open through August 8 at least, according to Acting Planning Director Justin Lesko.

“We are getting out a Spanish version as well,” Lesko said on Tuesday, “and we’re hoping to have it ready by tomorrow.”

The survey (princetonsurvey.org), launched July 1, takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

It is the first step in the Princeton Planning Board’s process of rewriting the town’s master plan, which is almost 25 years old. Yellow signs have been posted all over town and on social media this month urging residents, employees of local businesses, visitors, and anyone else who knows Princeton to comment on what they like and don’t like about it, and what they would like to see in the future.

Most of the 42 questions are related to dining, shopping, and other aspects of life in the central business district, Princeton Shopping Center, and Palmer Square. The survey asks participants to estimate a percentage of how much they spend a month for eating at local restaurants, ordering takeout, and non-food expenses; what specific stores and restaurants should come to town; the cleanliness and overall appearance of the community; and if there should be an increased focus on tourism. Mobility for pedestrians and motorists is also a focus.

The survey asks how important it is to provide options for less expensive apartments for purchase or rent, options for secondary housing and micro-housing units, and age-restricted housing.

Response to the survey was immediate. Lesko said he was told by a consultant that 405 responses were necessary in order for the survey to be considered effective. “We hit 500 in two days,” he said. “We’ll probably get to 3,000 by tomorrow.”

Of the respondents so far, 2,100 live in Princeton. “That’s like 7 percent of the local population,” Lesko said. “The rest are from outside of town, and are equally important.”

While August 8 is a target date, the survey could remain open longer “depending on if we’re seeing it wane or grow,” said Lesko. “But the response so far has been excellent.”