July 27, 2022

Police Leaders Should Schedule a Public Hearing on Local Preparedness

To the Editor:

After the tragic mass killing at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the nation’s eyes are upon the egregious dereliction of police responsibility there. The newly released Texas Legislature report reveals an unconscionable police inaction has rattled citizen confidence everywhere.

It would be good for our local leaders to reconfirm the Princeton community’s trust in the preparedness of our excellent police force for any such mass shooting possibility. To this end, I call on our police commissioner, Councilwoman Leticia Fraga, and Princeton Police Chief Christopher Morgan to schedule a public hearing here for this issue. They should report their interpretation of the Uvalde report’s facts, describe the lessons they intend to apply to assure our preparedness locally for such a potential event, and digest citizen impressions and concerns. (The challenge in this idea would be keeping the session’s focus strictly on our police response preparedness and not on gun control, a legitimate but separate issue.)

Tom Pyle
Balsam Lane