July 20, 2022

Wide Variety of Holistic Therapies Highlights 4 Elements Wellness Center

HEALTH AND HAPPINESS: “With a commitment to positivity, 4 Elements prides itself on treating the body and mind to strengthen the whole person,” explains Silvia Fedorcikova, founder and owner of 4 Elements Wellness Center. She is shown with her children Rebecca and Martin, who have been willing and able helpers at the family wellness/spa.

By Jean Stratton

“I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I love seeing clients getting better and healthier. I love working with people and helping them. This is my biggest reward.”

Silvia Fedorcikova, founder and owner of 4 Elements Wellness Center, is passionate about her work. “I love holistic and natural therapy,” she explains, “and I have done research about innovative treatments.”

Four elements — earth, air, fire, and water — form the underlying concept of the wellness center/spa, and as she points out, “I wanted to expand our wellness center into the concept of these four elements. Our treatments help boost energy, appearance, and mood. Every treatment we offer represents one of the elements, and they help you feel and look good.”

Perfect Representation

Fedorcikova likes to share a story about naming the business, which came about with the help of her son Martin.

“We were at the dinner table going over the names we thought would be appropriate for our new wellness center, but none of them seemed right. My son, who was 12 at that time, was listening, and five minutes later, asked, ‘What are the treatments you are planning to have?’ We explained the treatments, and he just said: ‘4 Elements!’ We loved the name, and thought what a perfect representation of our treatments.”

Originally from Slovakia, Fedorcikova has lived in the U.S. for more than 25 years. She and her husband Stan have owned Galaxy Tile of Princeton for several years, and before that Silvia worked at Massage Therapy in Hillsborough, eventually becoming manager.

Realizing how important it is to stay balanced, healthy, and energized, she became immersed in the study and practice of alternative medicine and holistic treatments. During visits to Europe, she
experimented with a number of specialized therapies, not widespread in the U.S., and she decided to provide some of these treatments based on ancient remedies to an American audience.

Her goal became to create a wellness center with a relaxing atmosphere, offering the latest in innovative therapies for the mind and body.

“We have taken the core of ancient treatments and married that with the latest in innovative technologies,” she reports. “The practices and techniques at 4 Elements have been used for hundreds of years in Europe, and shown significant success. Services like those at 4 Elements are offered at medical offices, spas, and wellness centers all over the world.”

Endless Benefits

“The benefits of our treatments are endless,” she continues. “Reduction of inflammation, detoxification, boost of immunity, boost of metabolism, muscle recovery, pain reduction, boost of collagen for younger looking skin, weight loss, and more. Our latest addition, the Welnamis table, is absolutely the best in helping people coping with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or stress.”

During the five years 4 Elements has been located at the Princeton Shopping Center, many clients have become regulars, having treatments at least once a week or more often, adds Fedorcikova. They are all ages, including men, women, and teens, and they come from all over the Princeton area and beyond.

“Our clients come for very specific reasons,” she points out. “Some are coming for prevention, some to heal themselves, or to improve their appearance. Each treatment is personalized to their needs. You can come in for a quick three-minute whole body cryotherapy or stay for five hours and have multiple treatments.”

One of the most popular treatments is cryotherapy, the use of extremely cold temperatures to reduce inflammation, offer pain relief, improve mobility, and hasten recovery from injury.

She explains that the process naturally stimulates blood circulation as the body’s hormone, immune, and nervous systems are activated. Whole body or localized (neck, shoulders, hands, etc.) cryotherapy treatments are available.

In addition, cryo facial therapy uses pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors which are applied to the face and neck to stimulate the production of collagen and decrease pore size. Cryo facials have even used to diminish blemishes and scars, speed healing, and improve skin conditions such as rosacea and dermatitis. The skin can become tightened and more even-toned.

Another treatment is salt therapy. While similar to spending time in the salt air at the beach, it offers numerous revitalizing benefits including relief from many respiratory and skin conditions.

SALT THERAPY: The Himalayan Salt Room at 4 Elements Wellness Center in the Princeton Shopping Center offers revitalizing benefits, including relief from many respiratory and skin conditions. Known as Halotherapy/Himalayan Salt Therapy or Dry Salt Therapy, it provides a relaxing experience with its heated floor covered with salt crystals (a wonderful foot massage), and a chance to sit on a meditation cushion, in a canvas sling chair, or hammock hanging chair.


A “must-have” therapy at 4 Elements is the Clear Light infrared sauna, says Fedorcikova. “Its radiant heat penetrates deeply into the joints, muscles, and tissues, accelerating oxygen flow and increasing circulation.”

Celluma is a low light level therapy (LLT) device, designed to manage a variety of pain and skin conditions. As Fedorcikova points out, “Cleared by the FDA for pain management and skin care, its research has shown that LLT can increase circulation, speed tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, and improve skin tone, texture, and clarity, as well as ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and arthritis.”

Other 4 Elements treatments include Star Lymphatic Presso-Therapy, Fit Body Wrap, InShape Body Shaping, and Cryo T-Shock Fat and Cellulite Reduction, among other services.

The attractive and spacious wellness center includes several rooms, each designated for a different service, and focused on reinforcing the clients’ comfort and well-being.

Assorted retail products are also popular with customers, and include organic soaps, bath salts, and hydrogen infused water, among other items. Hydrogen-infused water is believed to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant help, relieve fatigue, boost energy, and other benefits.

Six month membership programs are available, which offer special pricing packages, including one complimentary session of the client’s choice each month.

“We have member and non-member prices, and they range from $10 to $400, depending on the service,” notes Fedorcikova. “We also offer gift cards.”

The latter are a very nice introduction to 4 Elements, especially for someone who is new to this particular wellness/spa concept, she adds.


Like so many businesses, 4 Elements closed for a time during the height of COVID-19, and that was a difficult challenge, both for Fedorcikova and for her clients.

As she says, “COVID closing was not easy, and reopening was even harder. We had scared people who were uncertain about returning, and in addition, a shortage of employees. It took us a long time to come back, but now, I am happy to say we are back and fully staffed, and our clients are with us.

“I want to add that we are unique in what we offer here. We are not a franchise, but a small family-owned business. We are constantly looking to grow and expand, improve our existing services, and add new ones by bringing the latest modality and technology to help clients improve their health, body, mind, and spirit. I want to educate people about the importance of self-care, illness prevention, and self-healing.”

The lotus blossom represents rebirth and renewal,” she continues. “We use this as our brand’s logo to reflect the impact each one of our services offers you; that is, the opportunity to renew yourself and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience. Each petal expresses one of the four elements represented by our services.”

4 Elements is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (609) 285-3115. Website: 4elementswellnesscenter.com.