June 22, 2022

Thanking Neighbors for Taim’s Successful Opening at Princeton Shopping Center

To the Editor: 

Hundreds and hundreds of neighbors lined up outside Taim for its opening at Princeton Shopping Center last Tuesday, where they offered $5 bowls to be matched for Neighbors’ Kindness Project. I’d like to share a story about one of those neighbors. 

Due to an overwhelming turnout, Taim’s team had to cut the line prior to close. While this didn’t please many of you, understandably so, one neighbor was quite perturbed. She plopped down her free cup of iced tea and said, “I didn’t even get a sip of this before they rudely cut the line!” As I wiped up a splash she spilled, I replied, “Look, I feel your passion for wanting to support Taim and our neighbors, so I’ll take your order and deliver it on my route tomorrow. But, it’ll have to be lunch.” I handed her back the tea she had refused. She seemed to cool down a bit as soon as the icy glass met her palm. The next day, I followed her directions to her porch, looking for the bin as the landmark. This is where I left her food, and it’s there I found a white envelope that read: “To Blair, for the neighbors,” with a $20 bill folded up inside. So, I went back to Taim — to wait in line for a second time — and used those 20 dollars to buy meals for our neighbors in need.

We’ve all had that arduous experience of waiting in lines. When mosquitoes are eating away at our sweaty skin as we stand facing others’ backs, we only think of our swelling discomfort, our itching annoyance, and not of who is doing what to make our wait go by faster. For one, Bethany (Taim’s COO) was in that kitchen supporting her staff. Leslie, Miri, and Sarah were giving out those iced teas to make people’s mouths water instead of their bodies. Ellen and Julie from Princeton Shopping Center kept neighbors engaged as they took their pictures in ways that made people feel seen, and others, who saw them, show up for us all. Mayor Freda clipped the ceremonial ribbon, which he then gave to giggling kids to run about with and hold up like streamers in the air. For those of us who don’t have 20 minutes to wait or $20 to donate, perhaps we can find 20 seconds to notice the kindness around us that just might make our wait worthwhile. 

Because of you line-waiters — and the line-movers-along — Taim sold 752 meals, which will be matched for our neighbors in need. Thanks to you and our Neighbors’ Businesses for participating in our cycle of kindness. Thank you to our volunteers for making the cycle turn. Thank you to our neighbors in need who line up, waiting to get what you lined up to get for them. And, to Taim: Welcome to our neighborhood!  

Blair Miller
Founder, Neighbors’ Kindness Project
Franklin Avenue