June 15, 2022

Statements Boutique, the New Women’s Shop, Makes a “Statement” with Variety of Choices

MAKING A STATEMENT: “We have many choices at our shop, a little bit of everything, including clothes, accessories, and gifts. From candles and jewelry to smudging kits, clothing, and handbags, we make gifting easy. You can do more than one thing here — buy something special for yourself or a welcome gift for someone else.” Brooke Ciali, owner of Statements Boutique, is shown enjoying the shop’s opening day, surrounded by an eclectic, engaging array of products.

By Jean Stratton

Charm, vitality, and freshness highlight Statements Boutique, the special women’s shop at 195 Nassau Street.

Filled with options and opportunities, it offers choices to dress for success, dress to impress, and certainly to make a statement — always with comfort the key, and with the customer’s individuality and style the main priority.

“We are set apart by our look,” explains owner Brooke Ciali. “It’s sort of a trending vibe. Something new and different. We have all independent designers from the U.S., and we emphasize eco-friendly items and sustainability. We always take into consideration the customer’s unique style and find what is best for her.

“Our styles are informal to dressy, with dresses, tops, blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, and also jeans and tights. We have shoes, including sneakers and flip-flops, and a full range of accessories: belts, hats, scarves, and lots and lots of jewelry.”

Great Destination

Having her own shop was always her dream, says Ciali, who opened her first Statements Boutique in Madison in 2008. After the impact of COVID-19, she decided to relocate her shop to Princeton, returning to the area where she grew up, and opened her new store in October 2021.

“I’m from Lawrenceville, and now, I feel I’ve come home. Being here is huge for me,” she reports. “Princeton is such a great destination for people in so many ways, including shopping.”

”I also want to bring people back to shopping in a store,” she continues. “Once they come in, they love it, and I already have lots of repeat customers. I’m also looking forward to more people coming to the north end of town. It’s an important part of town, with a lot going on.”

Flying Monkey Denim, Latico Leathers NJ handbags, Vintage Havana sneakers! If you didn’t know what an irresistibly free-spirited look they create together, come to Statements Boutique!

Offering fashion tips to her customers is part of the fun for Ciali. “I like to urge people out of their comfort zone,” she says. “It can be a new look for them, a new adventure, and we will figure out a way to make it work. I love to help with fashion advice and with ideas of how to pair different items. It’s sort of like being a personal shopper for people. I also try to help with special requests.”

With summer almost here, Ciali notes that green and blue are favored colors, and she points out a popular look in current fashion.

“Florals are trending in dresses and blouses. There is a very feminine look, with ruffles and flair. Allison New York is one of our popular designer lines.”

Sneaker Selection

T-shirts are in demand at the shop, she adds, with Project Social T designs big sellers.

Jeans and tights are worn all the time, as are sneakers these days. The Statements Boutique selection of Vintage Havana is a highlight at the shop. “They are extremely popular,” says Ciali. “People wear sneakers with everything now. And our Soleil Sea flip-flops are also in demand, especially now with summer coming and people going to the beach.”

Belts from British Belt Company; scarves in all sizes, including over-sized wraps; handbags, charming coin purses; dressy beaded bags for formal occasions; and hats are among the many accessories on display.

Then, there is the jewelry! Rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for every taste, and in abundance.

“I am obsessed with jewelry,” says Ciali, with a smile. “I love it, and so do our customers. I love to wear it, and share our collection with them. It’s all so popular. Everything!

“Also, fashion jewelry has really become a big seller now. It can be a great look. And you can wear a lot of pieces together. We call our bracelets ‘arm candy.’  We are also seeing a lot of the’70s again in jewelry. A bigger and bolder look, with dramatic and chunkier pieces. It’s all so much fun!”

“Bee Happy”

More delicate choices are featured as well, with lovely gold “lucky wish bone” necklaces and others with diminutive charms.

In addition, the shop carries Lucky Feather “Bee Happy” delicate chains with lucky charms that are a great gift idea. Available on a Bee Happy card, they are exceedingly popular at $15.

The selection of giftware at Statements Boutique is unique and intriguing. Picture frames, sunglasses, candles, glassware, and more are all on display.

A “Serenity” decoupage oyster shell dish in assorted designs is a wonderful ring and trinket dish. “Mother” and “Father of the Bride” and “Bridesmaid” flutes are sure to please the wedding party, and stemless wine glasses, beer, and rock glasses feature Princeton maps etched into the glass.

Princeton students and alums will also want to have an enamel orange and black striped tiger bracelet, as well as one of the T-shirts featuring Princeton latitude and longitude coordinates designs.

Scented candles with wooden wicks, others in milk glass containers,  make welcome hostess gifts, and essential oils, fragrant bath salts, handmade greeting cards, and much more are all attractively presented.


In fact, the overall look of the shop, with displays arranged by Ciali, is eye-appealing and inviting. Everything has a unique touch, including the dressing room, offering an engaging style all its own.

Ciali emphasizes quality and affordability, and prices cover a wide spectrum, including items in the $20, $30, $40, and up range. A 30 percent discount on selected items is currently available. Gift cards and complimentary gift wrapping are also offered.

Ciali is very optimistic about Statements Boutique’s future in Princeton, and is excited about her role. “I love everything about it. I enjoy the buying and introducing our style to the customers.

“I am also excited that our customers are all ages and often include mothers and daughters coming in together. And they are coming from all over the Princeton area.

“I am looking forward to more customers coming in, meeting a lot of people, and forging relationships with them. This is a ‘feel good’ store, where people can really enjoy themselves.”

And make a statement!

Statements Boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Online purchase availability is also offered. (609) 285-5174. Website: statementsprinceton.com.