June 15, 2022

“A Different Look” Exhibit At Gallery 14 in Hopewell

“WORDLESS AURORA”: This photograph from David Ackerman’s “Sky Light” series is featured in “A Different Look,” on view June 18 through July 17 at Gallery 14 Fine Art Photography Gallery in Hopewell.

Gallery 14 Fine Art Photography Gallery in Hopewell presents “A Different Look,” an exhibit featuring the works of gallery members David Ackerman of Hopewell; Mary Leck of Monroe; Bennett Povlow of Elkins Park, Pa.; Barbara Warren of Yardley, Pa.; and special guest Daniel Goldberg of Quechee, Vt.; on view June 18 through July 17. Each artist has a different way of exploring and recording their photographic journeys. An artists’ reception will be held on July 9 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Ackerman points his camera skyward for his series “Sky Light.” He explores the shapes and colors of light from the sky using astrophotography and other techniques to capture the beauty of the heavens. A grand beauty that invites us to consider objects at the edge of and beyond our daily world.

Trees have fascinated Leck since, as a child, she climbed the apple tree in her yard. Perhaps it was the skinned knees that made her want to explore the textures in the series “Tree Bark Discovered.” These shots capture a special beauty of the smooth and rough tree coverings, often accentuated by light and color.

In his series, “The Anthropomorphism of Ferns,” Povlow gets up close and personal with the beauty of the fiddlehead fern. These often overlooked and stepped upon plants can be found everywhere. As they grow, they take on many changing shapes and forms. Their shapes and textures as they grow are fascinating and hypnotic.

“ABANDONED”: This photograph from Barbara Warren’s “Second Sight — Seeing in Infrared” series is part of “A Different Look,” on view June 18 through July 17 at Gallery 14 Fine Art Photography Gallery in Hopewell.

Warren takes a different look at what we see by modifying her camera with a special infrared filter. The world becomes a different place when you alter the colors that we normally see in this series called “Second Sight — Seeing in Infrared.” For this show, she uses color processing of her images rather than the black and white processing she normally uses.

Goldberg, a former Gallery 14 member, has been invited back for the exhibit he never got to have because of COVID-19. He will be featured in the Goodkind Gallery. His “Different Look” explores “My New Backyard,” since he has moved to Vermont where he now gets to explore nature on new hiking trails and in undeveloped areas. The ongoing change of seasons allows him to find new images and looks which he brings to this show.

Gallery 14 is a co-op artist’s gallery located at 14 Mercer Street in Hopewell. The Gallery is open from 12 to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It will be closed July 2 and 3 for the July 4th holiday. For more information, visit gallery14.org.