June 1, 2022

Supporting Hun School’s Request for Rezoning Mall, Mason House Lots

To the Editor:

At the risk of alienating some of my neighbors but with no intention to do so, as a resident of the Edgerstoune community for just about 28 years, and with absolutely no affiliation to Hun, I enthusiastically support and agree with the Hun School’s request for rezoning the Mall and Mason House lots. I also agree with Susan Ward’s comments regarding Hun (if available to you), but nonetheless Hun’s application to upgrade their infirmary and move offices into the property they own and therefore support their students in a more effective manner.

The Hun School has been in the neighborhood in one form or another since 1914 and a respected and responsible asset to our small community. They have educated thousands of students and attract many worldwide. Personally, I feel it my civic duty as part of the silent majority to support this important institution.

I would also not be telling the truth if I didn’t say that there are times that I’m unhappy with this neighbor. It sure is inconvenient to dodge cars during graduation and reunion. But I also have been annoyed at my neighbors’ dogs barking in the middle of the night, finding little green bags on my yard on occasion, and listening to the generators going on and off during odd times of the night. Living in a neighborhood requires understanding and appreciation of the needs of others and I have empathy for all.

With regard to other issues, say traffic, there are over 600 students at the school with attendant morning and afternoon traffic, the incremental traffic from this building will be negligible if it even occurs. With regard to noise, the Mason House is to be an office to make room for the infirmary. With regard to location, it is already a part of the Hun property and does not represent an increase. With regard to the temporary noise and construction activity, we already live with that frequently in one part of our community or another. It is true this property is zoned residential. That’s why the request for rezoning. That’s why the Zoning Board exists.

Once again, please accept this in the spirit intended. I recognize different points of view. I hope others respect mine.

Ross Wishnick
Edgerstoune Road