June 1, 2022

Sharing Ways to Support Landscapers’ Transition to More Sustainable Landscaping

To the Editor:

Now that the municipality’s Sustainable Landscaping Ordinance summer restrictions are officially in place, here are a few simple ways to help ease the transition if you employ a landscaper:

  • Let your landscaper know that it is OK not to use a leaf blower to clear grass clippings from sidewalks and patios.
  • Ask your landscaper to use electric mowers to clear debris instead of blowers.
  • Allow your landscaper to charge their electric equipment on site.
  • If you own a residential-sized electric leaf blower, make it available for your landscaper to use and help them out by having it charged and ready.

It’s also essential to ensure that your landscaping company is registered with the municipality. Registration helps ensure that the health and safety of workers are protected. Sustainable Princeton can help connect landscaping companies that may need assistance meeting the registration requirements with the New Jersey Small Business Development Center (NJSBDC). The NJSBDC provides resources to help landscaping companies meet the registration requirements. Contact Sustainable Princeton for more information.

Lastly, for those who employ landscapers, make sure your landscaper knows about our Landscape Transition Fund (sustainableprinceton.org/equipmentfund), which can assist small commercial landscapers working in Princeton in transitioning to battery-powered equipment. Landscapers can apply for up to $500 reimbursement for battery-powered equipment.

Sustainable Princeton