May 25, 2022

West Windsor Arts Presents Annual “Faculty Student Show”

“CATTUS ISLAND PARK, TOMS RIVER”: This painting by adult student Barbara Weinfield is featured in “Faculty Student Show,” on view through July 9 at the West Windsor Arts Center on Alexander Road in West Windsor.

The “Faculty Student Show” at West Windsor Arts (WWA) celebrates the work of teaching artists and their students created in a class or workshop at West Windsor Arts Center (WWAC) during the fall, winter, or spring sessions of the 2021-2022 class year. The exhibition runs through July 9.

WWA’s teaching artists comprise a group of talented and accomplished individuals in their field and in the community. With small class sizes there are plenty of opportunities for one-on-one instruction with their supportive staff. This provides each student with a personalized learning experience for all ages. At WWA, they value learners as creative and independent thinkers, who benefit from work in the arts and the guidance of their teaching artists. No matter the difficulties of COVID-19 and normal life, WWA aims to offer a safe place where students and teachers can leave their worries behind and feel empowered by their art. 

Faculty highlighted in the exhibition and the art forms they teach include Zakia Ahmed — Adult Guided Oil Painting; Lori Langsner — Beginners and Intermediate Oil Painting; Eleni Litt — Art Circle and Doodling Meet-Up; Susan Mitrano — Watercolor Studio; Pratibha Raju — Drawing Studio and Acrylic Studio; Sarika Soman — Brilliant Watercolor, Acrylic Studio, and Watercolor Studio; and Katie Truk — Drawing and Watercolor and Draw, Paint, Sculpt!

Adult students featured in the show include Tammy Dawkins, Rupa Sanbui, and Barbara Weinfield. 

Youth students featured in the show include: Tanish Aiyer, Gillian Appelget, Hayden Appelget, Isabelle Appelget, Nevin Benjamin, Seetha Chimalakonda, Milena Jade Deverell Cortez, Jenna Doyle, Dylan Ellis, Wyatt Ellis, Srinya Gottipati, Callie Jacobs, Alexandra Jacqueline, Niam Jain, Alexandra Lauzon, Jayna Nandakumar, Annabelle Nguyen, and Arna Pakanaty.  

This year WWA is especially pleased to present so many youth students with the Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) program. This program has become the backbone to the art education programs offered at the WWA. The works presented in this exhibition reflect the work and growth of the artists over the course of just a year. Through sequential learning and skill building, students select the Visual Arts or Performing Arts CiFA track and make a commitment to achievement in the arts. 

“It’s been a challenging year for everyone and I am impressed with the way both our students and faculty were able to adapt to new online classes, programs and camps,” said Kirsten Sanford, education manager. “To see creativity and collaboration thrive has been such a joy and speaks volumes to everyone’s efforts to nurture the arts during a difficult time. ” 

West Windsor Arts announced that the following students have completed the Foundation 1 program towards their Certificate in Fine Arts: Sam Selekman, Sasha Suresh Gautham, Alexandra Deverell, Milena Deverell, Nevin Benjamin, Jenna Doyle, Cara-Mier Marino, Mia Thomas, Amal Nurullayeva, Arthur Tomim, Melody Salrarini, Evie Fuller, and Norah Wright O’Toole. Accomplishing Foundation 2 students include Ada Lee, Srinya Gottipati, Wyatt Ellis, and Annabelle Nguyen. 

The fourth year of CiFA will begin in fall 2022. 

West Windsor Arts Center is located at 952 Alexander Road in West Windsor. Gallery hours are by appointment. For more information, call (609) 716-1931 or visit