May 25, 2022

Time-Efficient, Safe Strengthening Exercises Are Offered with the Exercise Coach Concept

TEAM WORK: “Our Exercise Coach program can strengthen muscles, increase bone density, and also improve cholesterol and metabolism levels. People can become stronger and healthier.” Kim, left, and Tom Swietek, owners of The Exercise Coach, are enthusiastic about the company’s proprietary “Exerbotic” program and the results it can achieve.

By Jean Stratton

Stronger Muscles. Stronger Health. Stronger Self.”

— The Exercise Coach

20 minutes twice a week? Really?

This is the protocol of The Exercise Coach, a unique fitness program focusing on gaining and maintaining strength.

20 Minutes

And, indeed, what is really unique is that it requires only 20 minutes to complete an exercise session.

“Even those with little time to spare find that our program works for them,” point out Tom and Kim Swietek, owners of The Exercise Coach, located at 46 Vreeland Drive, Suite 6 in Skillman. “The 20-minute concept is really appealing to people who feel they don’t have time to get to the gym or who don’t really like to work out.”

After a previous career as CPAs, the husband and wife team opened the fitness studio in June 2021. They had not been exercise “fanatics,” but as Tom says, “We were health-conscious, active, played sports, and we knew exercise was important. We had talked about making a change and doing something together.”

They decided to take their career in a new direction, and their research indicated that the market for fitness centers was growing.

“We did our due diligence, and investigated different kinds of gyms and fitness centers,” reports Kim. “We were very enthusiastic about The Exercise Coach and its approach.”

Founded by Brian Cygan in 2000 and headquartered near Chicago, The Exercise Coach offers franchise opportunities, with 154 locations currently in operation nationwide.


“We are the sixth in New Jersey,” says Tom, “and we are excited to offer this special technology-driven program, focusing on strength, to our clients.”

The Exercise Coach is very different from other fitness centers and gyms, and as its information statement explains, “The Exercise Coach has spent over 20 years innovating an ability-based, data-driven exercise program we call the Smart 20 Workout. Our workout combines the science of muscle contraction with our own proprietary exercise technology that delivers each workout in a way that is perfectly suited to anyone regardless of their ability, age, or fitness level.

“We have pioneered and perfected a refreshing approach to getting fit. Research supports our core belief that muscle quality matters more than movement quantity. Everything you want from a fitness program can be achieved with no more than two 20-minute sessions per week that focus on total body fitness through customized muscular conditioning.”

Working with a certified coach, each client receives a personalized program, targeted to their fitness level and goals. During the 20 minute session, clients will spend approximately one minute and 20 seconds on eight different machines, each of which has been programmed to the
individual’s specific needs. No free weights are included.

Smarter Not Longer

“The healthier and more productive approach is to exercise smarter not longer,” continues the Exercise Coach statement. “On any given exercise, an individual’s force-producing capacity varies greatly. The Exercise Coach approach is to combine our understanding of exercise science with 21st century technologies to create protocols that are congruent with each individual’s strength profile. In addition, our equipment provides constant computer feedback to increase motivation and determination.”

After a rigorous Exercise Coach training program, including study of physiology and anatomy, the Swieteks both became certified coaches as well as owners of their franchise. They couldn’t be happier with their career change and with the opportunities they are offering to their clients for an efficient exercise program providing successful results.

“Our clients are all ages — the youngest is 16, the oldest 80,” they report. “The more typical age range is 50 to 60, and everyone who comes may have a different goal. Wanting to get more exercise, increase energy, strengthen muscles, tone up, lose some weight, etc. Their entire program will be customized to their ability, with the goal of increasing their ability.”

When a prospective client comes in, they fill out a questionnaire, including what they hope to achieve.

“With The Exercise Coach proprietary ‘Exerbotic’ technology, the client’s range of motion and strength ability is tailored to each
individual,” explains Tom. “Each client has an assigned pin within the Exerbotic technology that stores that client’s information, and keeps track of their progress.”

Eight different machines are available to engage the muscles and work on different aspects of strengthening as well as cardio, he adds. “To receive a good muscle burn, each exercise is approximately one minute and 20 seconds. All sessions are either one-on-one with client and coach or with no more than four in a group.”

Endurance and Energy

Clients often come after recovering from an injury, having physical therapy, and others may have arthritis or a range of physical conditions, but everyone can see results, emphasizes Kim. “It’s the quality of the session, and the ideal is to come twice a week. Coming twice a week, within four to six weeks, you will feel stronger, have more endurance and energy.

“Our clients are able to accomplish whatever they need to change in order to make life easier for all their day-to-day activities, such as lifting, bending, carrying things. They will become stronger and healthier, and be able to do things they couldn’t do before.”

In addition to the Swieteks, three other coaches trained in the Exercise Coach method are available, and the owners are delighted to see their clientele increasing all the time, including individuals from all over the Princeton area and beyond.

“Sometimes, people come together in our small groups,” says Kim. “Husband and wife, mother and daughter, two friends, etc. That can be fun, and also motivating for them. Many clients have been with us from the beginning, and they have become our friends.”

Clients, including a number of physicians, are very enthusiastic about The Exercise Coach program,
often commenting on their improved strength and energy, how much they like working with a coach, and the remarkable results that can be achieved in 20 minutes.

Along with the exercise program, healthy eating is also emphasized, report the Swieteks. “We offer nutritional guidance, helping with healthy choices, and we have a nutrition tip of the week.”

Open Concept

The studio has a comfortable open concept setting, with a changing room, and a friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere, also much admired by clients.

All the COVID-19 precautions are in place, including special state-of-the-art filter and cleaning systems. In addition, all necessary safety equipment is available, and coaches are all trained in CPR.

A variety of payment plans, monthly, yearly, etc. are offered, and a free tryout, including two free workout sessions, is offered to newcomers. A referral program also offers a special discount to both parties.

The Swieteks are very engaged with their clients and are proud of them when they achieve their goals and gain a sense of accomplishment.

“Having the studio is not just about having a business,” they explain. “We really want to help people to make a positive difference in their lives. We see how much our clients value the program, and are willing to invest in themselves, their health, and well-being. It makes us feel good too. They have a strong level of commitment, and we look forward to being with them.”

The Exercise Coach is open by appointment Monday through Thursday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. All clients work with a coach.

For more information, call (609) 677-6070. Website: