May 11, 2022

Oakgem Fine Estate and Designer Jewelry Offers Distinctive, High Quality Selection

ONE-OF-A-KIND SPECIALTIES: “At Oakgem, we are constantly striving to provide our clients with stunning jewelry at the best prices. We specialize in fine, previously owned jewelry from the 1950s. We offer the best designers from the top quality jewelry houses in the world, and our name Oakgem signifies one-of-a-kind gems.” Sasha Krivitsky, retail manager of Oakgem Fine Estate and Designer Jewelry in Lambertville, is shown by one of the display cases filled with unique pieces.

By Jean Stratton

People have always enjoyed adorning themselves. From ancient times to the modern day, jewelry in some form has been a constant.

The creations have evolved over the centuries, but whether colorful, shiny, delicate, dramatic, beautiful or bling, jewelry is always eye-catching. To the wearer, it can finish the fashion statement, or in some cases, “be” the fashion statement.

It can also have meaning beyond its surface beauty. Passed down as an heirloom in the family from one generation to the next, it offers continuity and connection.

“Jewelry is a memento in time; it signifies a time, a special meaning as an heirloom,” says Sasha Krivitsky, retail manager of Oakgem Fine Estate and Designer Jewelry.

Superior Craftsmanship

Her description is certainly true of Oakgem’s selection of estate jewelry. As she explains, “People like estate jewelry because of the history and its story, and because most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind. And the quality is enormously different. It is superior craftsmanship.”

Founded in 1989 by her father, Vadim Krivitsky, Oakgem’s initial focus was online, and was a very successful operation.

With an interest in expanding the business to a bricks and mortar establishment, the Krivitskys opened in Lambertville at 39 Bridge Street in April 2021. There is another location in Palm Beach as well as the continually thriving online operation.

“We are very happy with the move to Lambertville,” reports Sasha Krivitsky. “We have clients from all over the area, including Princeton, Bucks County, and farther away, including customers from New York City. People like to come and actually see the items firsthand.

“We have also expanded into a custom design bridal department, including engagement and wedding rings. And we carry new jewelry in addition to our main selection of estate jewelry.”

Regarding customizing, she points out that redesigning older personal or estate pieces is also part of Oakgem’s service. “We can reset a client’s family heirloom, for example. This is a great way to spruce up an older piece of jewelry that has sentimental value, but may not be a style the person wants to wear today.”

Special Requests

In addition, she notes that Oakgem responds to clients’ special requests. “We do a lot of sourcing for clients, especially when it comes to diamonds, precious stones, and watches.”

Timepieces for men and women are also a major part of the Oakgem selection, as are vintage coins. “Old coins are very desirable for collectors, and we have a wide range of choices,” adds Krivitsky.

Of course, jewelry is the pièce de résistance, and there are exquisite and unusual choices for everyone’s taste.

“Earrings are the top category,” reports Krivitsky. “They are extremely popular, and we have both clip-ons and posts. Rings are next in demand, and of course, we have everything, from bracelets and necklaces to brooches. We are also the top online retailer for men’s cufflinks.”

All styles are favored, she adds, with current trends focusing on individual looks. “A lot of color is popular now, with colorful gemstones. Also, the ’80s are coming back in jewelry: cabochon gemstones and large chunky pieces.”

In contrast, she notes, interest in a more delicate look is prevalent as well. “We see tastes trending to small dainty pieces, but wearing a lot of them. Not just one necklace or bracelet, but several all together.”

In Style

Additionally, classic pearls are always in demand. “They are certainly back in style, including abstract or Baroque shapes, especially for summer.”

The designers whose work is represented in the Oakgem collection are all top-of-the-line, creating inspired, imaginative pieces. Among them are David Webb, Seaman Schepps, De Grisogono, Georg Jensen, Bucherer Jewels, Cartier, and Tiffany.

In addition to the jewelry, Oakgem offers a selection of high end home decor items, with many sterling silver choices. Candelabras, pitchers, vases, bowls, flatware, and more are all available.

Oakgem’s overall selection continues to evolve, and as Krivitsky says, “We are getting new arrivals all the time, including some international pieces. We get items from estate sales, auctions, and individuals. If someone has something they’d like to sell, they can call us. We have a large network of dealers, and of course, clients, including a celebrity clientele.”

Selected Sales

Oakgem’s notably high end collection covers a wide price range, and sales of selected items are held three times a year.

The importance of jewelry in people’s lives was evidenced during COVID-19, points out Krivitsky. “We were very busy then. I think people wanted to invest in something with stability like jewelry. Others wanted to have nice jewelry during a difficult time. They wanted to look nice.

“Also, many people like to wear jewelry every single day, not just for special occasions. You don’t have to be dressed up, and can wear it when you are casually dressed, in jeans, or whatever you are wearing. It can make you feel good.”

Krivitsky is enthusiastic about Oakgem’s future in Lambertville, and looks forward to serving many more clients. She is proud, too, to be part of a flourishing family business.

“We want to bring our business to even more people and find special pieces for them. I especially love having our new bridal custom design department. That can be such a happy time for people. And this is a happy business!”

Oakgem is open by appointment, or by chance for walk-ins. (609) 300-6900. Website: